Clean Air Lawn Care Multi-Unit Locations Prove Potential for Growth

Denny Rochford, owner of Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle, is making plans for the continued growth of his Clean Air Lawn Care franchise location. His multi-unit franchise location was the first of its kind to reach 1 million in revenue last year. Rochford bought the location in the spring of 2020, and has seen continued growth, as well as huge potential.

Owning a multi-unit electric, organic lawn care franchise makes sense to Rochford, who says:

“We are the first mover in all electric, organic and environmentally concerned yard maintenance. Doing multiple units at the start allows you to own that first mover position and captures the growth to come in this segment.”

Rochford is excited about the future of the electric and organic lawn care segment, and sees the value in controlling a market that has been proven to be both lucrative and in high demand.

Rochford has a long history as a business owner, and is confident about budgeting yearly revenue projections. He expects a 15-20% YOY growth in revenue in 2021, and is laying the foundation to make sure his crew can handle the growth. He recognizes that if he didn’t own multiple territories, he’d be missing out on a huge amount of that revenue growth, “we generate leads all of the time that are out of our service area. Having a greater reach allows for capture of a neighborhood you may not know about.”

In the meantime, back in Fort Collins, CO, the Clean Air Lawn Care HQ team is gearing up for a similar increase in annual growth. The team, well-known for their exceptional owner support, recently welcomed Stephen Foley as Director of Development. Foley is a veteran of the franchise scene, with years of experience at Smoothie King. He knows that multi-unit locations are where both franchisees and franchisors see the biggest potential for growth and success. He has his sights set on opening more multi-unit locations like Rochford’s, and seeing them reach the million-dollar revenue mark even quicker than the Seattle location.

Like Rochford in Seattle, the Clean Air Lawn Care HQ team is ready for fast and steady growth, and excited to see what the new year will bring.

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