Ultra Pool Care Squad Taps Exploding Market for Pool and Spa Maintenance

Ultra Pool Care Squad

The Pool Care Franchise Plans to Add 25-50 Locations a Year

Ultra Pool Care Squad was formed by Explore Industries in response to its customers’ desire for reliable, professional pool and spa maintenance. Ultra Pool Care Squad technicians expertly service each customer’s pool and spa weekly, easing their concerns that the water is pristine. Founded in 2020, Ultra Pool Care Squad will initially seek franchise partners in Arizona, Florida, Tennessee and Texas. Later it will expand franchising coast to coast.

In establishing the pool and spa care franchise, Explore Industries, which manufactures fiberglass pools and pool covers, saw an opportunity to profit from the residential pool aftermarket, which totals about $5.5 billion a year. According to the 2020 Pool and Hot Tub Association Market Report, of the roughly 128 million households in the United States, more than 10 million have a pool or spa. The report further stated that tens of thousands of new in-ground pools are installed each year – 97,000 in 2020, for example. 

Wide-Open Franchise Opportunity

Ultra Poll Care Squad

Ultra Pool Care Squad, with headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., appeals to current and aspiring business owners because it taps an underserved market and offers a turnkey pathway into the pool and spa service industry and a recurring revenue business model. Ultra Pool Care Squad provides franchisees with all the training they need during an intense, 11-day session at Ultra Pool Care Squad University, which features an interactive classroom and scenario-based training.

Ultra Pool Care Squad requires an initial franchisee investment of $75,000 to $153,000. It requires no brick-and-mortar storefront – so it can be a home-based business – and the franchises can operate with a minimal number of employees. This low cost of entry makes it an enticing opportunity for pool installers; snow removers; general contractors; plumbers; landscape and lawn maintenance companies; mosquito-abatement firms; and home-cleaning services that seek to complement and diversify the roles they currently serve for their residential clients. 

Because of Ultra Pool Care Squad’s industry relationships, franchisees also can expand their revenue streams by offering installation and maintenance of pool covers, repair of fiberglass pools, replacement of pool liners, and delivery and setup of spas. Pool equipment and branded chemicals will be added as optional channels over time. 

Experienced Franchise Leadership Team

Potential franchisees can rest assured that top leaders at Ultra Pool Care Squad are highly experienced. Altogether they’ve been involved in the franchise industry for more than 60 years, and they have specialized knowledge in the area of home-services franchises. 

Chief Operations Officer Amy Lawhorne formerly worked as chief opening officer of Authority Brands and was vice president of Outdoor Living Brands, for example. Robert Mitchell, who serves as head of franchise development for Ultra Pool Care Squad, has held high-level franchise development roles at FranchiseBiz, The Casual Pint, Fantastic Sam’s and Sports Clips. Toni McDivitt, who is head of training, previously was director of training at Bertucci’s and Guy’s Roofing. 

Expectations for Ultra Pool Care Squad

Lawhorne has a bright forecast for 2022 “as prospects come to realize no other company can offer expert pool services to meet consumer demand as efficiently as we can. We’re backed by a global pool manufacturer and have a leadership group in place that offers franchisees crucial resources, advice and expertise needed to run and maintain a successful franchise.” Mitchell points out that “franchises are positioned to succeed using a recurring revenue model that is recession-resistant and Amazon-proof, while also addressing the growing pool care needs of veteran and novice pool owners.” He says that franchisee candidates should “want to grow their business and provide more value to customers and employees without geographically having to expand.” For more information about Ultra Pool Care Squad’s franchise opportunities, visit https://upcsfranchise.com/

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