Turning Point Restaurants Will Launch Franchise Locations

Turning Point Franchise

Breakfast-brunch-lunch company is expanding into Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia

Turning Point Restaurants, which has served breakfast, brunch and lunch for 24 years, is now offering franchises. The Eatontown, N.J.-based company currently operates 21 restaurants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware with more corporate sites in development. Turning Point franchisees will grow the brand in existing markets and move it into new territory: Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and New York.

The leaders of Turning Point Restaurants say that franchisees should already be well-versed in restaurant operations and have strong ties to their communities, the company stated recently when it announced its franchising plans. Franchisees also will need to have experience in building teams that function well together. They should plan to be deeply involved in their restaurant operations. Franchisees will need to invest $695,000 to nearly $1.2 million; these amounts include the $45,000 initial franchise fee.

Turning Point Franchise Opportunity

Interior of a Turning Point franchise business location

Founder and CEO Kirk Ruoff says the appeal of a Turning Point franchise has an edge over most other restaurant franchises. Advantages include: 

Work-life balance. Franchisees and their staffs will enjoy the limited hours of operation, 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., which company leadership describes as a “work to live, don’t live to work” approach. “The events of the past two years have not only opened up an opportunity for us to grow, but also allow us to provide our franchisees with a better quality of life,” Ruoff said. The pandemic led “existing restaurant operators and entrepreneurs to evaluate their priorities in life, and we know our franchise opportunity will give them exactly what they are looking for – business success and the perfect work-life balance.” Graham Buckley, vice president of franchise development for Turning Point Restaurants, pledges that “our franchisees can say goodbye to working 80-hour weeks and say hello to spending more time with their loved ones and controlling their financial destiny.”

The abbreviated schedule also presents bottom-line benefits for owners. It eliminates the need for costly overtime and double shifts. And because Turning Point employees like the family-friendly hours, they will tend to stick around. That promises to be a huge bonus for restaurant owners because longer tenure means reduced costs to recruit and train workers, plus experienced workers will have polished their customer service skills.

Customers come back again and again. Turning Point’s menu is creative and high-quality, with all foods cooked to order. The menu offers an array of French press coffee, teas, hot chocolates, juices, traditional and outside-the-box pancakes (such as Cinnamon Roll and Lemon Blueberry Dream), various eggs Benedict and omelet options, specialty sandwiches, and salads. There are vegan offerings plus signature items such as Bacon Lollipops and Nola Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Hash; changing seasonal dishes also tantalize clientele. The welcoming ambiance of each Turning Point location is another factor that keeps customers returning: natural wood floors, bright colors and beckoning fireplaces.

Corporate support on steroids. Turning Point Restaurants will provide in-depth training to prevent operational hiccups. The franchisor also will assist with site selection and coaching. Visits to franchise locations will generate additional feedback and guidance.

Peerless technology. Turning Point franchise owners will benefit from up-to-the-minute technology that helps them meet the challenges of a fast-paced business. For instance, the restaurant’s technology supports online ordering, customer wait lists and reservations as well as inventory management and food-safety compliance.

Turning Point Restaurants’ Successful History

Food from a Turning Point franchise business location

Having the right people in the right place has been key to the enduring success of Turning Point Restaurants. Becoming a member of the Turning Point family “means joining a team of individuals who are passionate about exceptional hospitality and operating successful restaurants with attractive unit-level economics in the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry,” Buckley says. 

Since opening its first restaurant in Little Silver, N.J., in 1998, the company has never permanently closed a location, and founder-CEO Ruoff said the company plans to keep that record intact. “With over two decades of experience perfecting our craft and building a concept that we are really proud of, the timing of launching our franchise opportunity is truly ideal,” Ruoff said. “When we knew we wanted to launch our franchise opportunity, we were patient, made sure our business model was sustainable and waited until the right moment to ensure that our franchisees work with an experienced leadership team.” The private-equity firm NewSpring Capital will assist the restaurant company as it expands by means of Turning Point franchises. NewSpring Capital brings strong experience to the restaurant brand’s franchise effort through its representation of other successful franchise-focused brands such as Duck Donuts and Blo Blow Dry Bar.

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