IFA Appoints Edith Wiseman to its Board of Directors Executive Committee

Wiseman Will Use Her Platform to Foster the Growth of the Franchise Industry

FRANdata President Edith Wiseman has been appointed to the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Board of Directors Executive Committee. Wiseman will use her platform and insight to foster the growth of the franchise industry. This appointment comes as FRANdata, a research and advisory firm, noticed more interest from franchisors and others in the industry to use franchise knowledge to determine their future steps.

Wiseman and the others on the IFA Board of Directors Executive Committee will look to improve the industry’s growth by enacting and planning initiatives. She was also recently elected as the IFA’s Supplier Forum chair. 

Edith Wiseman, IFA
Edith Wiseman has been appointed to the IFA Board of Directors Executive Committee.

“I am grateful and proud to lead the Supplier Forum as its chair this year. I have set a high bar for the committee in supporting the IFA’s mission to promote and protect franchising while simultaneously enhancing member value,” Wiseman said in a statement. 

Wiseman is part of an active and results-oriented board, she said, and she looks forward to seeing the changes that they can bring to the franchise community. Her time with FRANdata and passion for franchising will be used in this new position.

“The 2022 class of IFA Board members consists of new and diverse perspectives. Edith brings to the table both a unique viewpoint and profound insight that will help inform our decisions and support the goals of the IFA,” Matt Haller, president and CEO of the IFA, said in a statement. 

Wiseman and Franchising 

Since 2014, Wiseman has been an active IFA board member. Throughout her tenure, she has advocated for emerging brands through working with the Emerging Franchisor Task Force and Emerging Franchisor Conference Committee. Wiseman has also led IFA’s Communications Committee and Convention Committee.

An Industry Leading Research Firm 

FRANdata has been a strategic partner with the IFA for the last several years by providing relevant insights and data regarding the franchising industry. The firm’s research combines industry expertise and forecasting with analysis to provide the global franchising community with advice and insights. The firm has been cited in publications such as Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more. It is headquartered in Arlington, Va., and releases an annual Franchising Economic Outlook report on the state of the franchising industry.

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