Elements of a Winning Dog Daycare Business Plan

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Thinking of Starting a Dog Daycare? Should You go With a Franchise or go it Alone? Hounds Town USA Franchise Offers a Guide to Writing a Winning Dog Daycare Business Plan.

Dogs are man’s best friends, and in most families, a dog is a valued member. Most people are busy throughout the week and are forced to lock up their dogs during the day, which is heartbreaking. As a dog lover, a dog daycare business is a perfect idea. You get to spend time with your favorite animals, provide a service, and get paid for it.

There is a lot to know and do before you embark on a dog daycare business, including writing a winning dog daycare business plan. Hounds Town USA created theirs, and Franchise Owners reap the benefits. But if you are set on starting from scratch, here’s what you should include in a dog daycare business plan.

Executive Summary

The executive summary of your dog daycare business plan should consist of a maximum of one or two pages. Typically, an investor will read this section first before deciding whether to continue with the rest of the plan. Write a compelling Executive Summary to attract the attention of the investor. Include the following in the Executive Summary:

  • Brief business description
  • Value proposition
  • Target Market
  • Your Team
  • Key strategies
  • Your goals
  • Key financial figures
  • Primary risks and your proposed contingency plan to counter these risks

Industry Analysis

Before starting your dog daycare business plan, you need to do a feasibility study. The industry analysis is an updated feasibility study. Included in the analysis should be:

  • Geographic location
  • Economic trends
  • Political and social trends
  • Technological trends
  • Demographics
  • Target market

Risk Analysis

Do a SWOT analysis and describe some positive and negative factors, both internal and external:

  1. List your strengths as an entrepreneur and what you can do to run the daycare successfully.
  2. List your weaknesses and how you plan on addressing them.
  3. List the external but positive factors that might favor your business.
  4. List the external factors that may threaten your success.

Venture Description

The Venture Description should take up about one page in your dog daycare business plan. Briefly describe the business, the location, and your services. If you have a more extensive list of services, include and refer the reader to the Appendix.

Organizational Plan

This section should only take up one or two pages. Describe your business’s organizational form, i.e., sole-proprietorship, L.L.C., partnership, etc. Write down all the owners and what percentage they own, and indicate why you chose this particular organizational form.

Include the management team command chart and list the responsibilities and credentials of the top managers and employees. Describe your board of advisers, directors, legal advisors, etc., and mention a timeline of the venture startup and stabilization milestones. S.M.A.R.T goals should also feature at this point.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan outlines your intended marketing campaign to advertise your business.

Contingency Plan

Write your plan to counter the risks you highlighted in the risk analysis.

The Benefits of a Hounds Town Franchise

As you can see, starting your own dog daycare business can be a monumental endeavor. Launching a business from scratch and creating your own business plan takes time and effort. However, through franchising, your dream is still not out of your reach. You can partner with a franchisor like Hounds Town for a fast track into dog daycare business ownership. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Franchise support includes:

Real Estate

The Hounds Town real estate team assists you in finding the perfect location by connecting you with local reputable real estate brokers.


The Hounds Team helps you locate the right general contractor for constructing your structure to get your business open as affordably and as fast as possible.


With the Hounds Town franchisee support, you get the help you need to run your business. The team helps you make data-informed decisions as your preparer to open your business.


Create awareness with help from the Franchise. Get help with your Grand Opening ads and local and social media marketing.

Operations Team

The Hounds Town support team works with you every step of the way. It’s done via phone calls, physical visits, and email discussions.

How to Start a Doggie Daycare F.A.Q.’s

Hounds Town USA

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to start a doggie daycare:

Do I Need A License To Start My Dog Daycare?

Yes, you will need licensing to open a dog daycare facility.

You will likely need specific licensing to start your dog daycare facility. For any startup, you need the appropriate license. Your doggie daycare license will most likely need a permit at a local and state level. All states and localities have different licensing policies, from the licenses to other different requirements. Contact your local and state licensing bodies to find out.

How Much Can You Earn Owning A Dog Daycare?

How much you earn owning a dog daycare varies depending on your circumstances. Numerous factors come into play to determine how much you make while managing a dog daycare business:

  • The services provided (day-dog care, overnight care, grooming, etc.)
  • Your prices
  • How business-savvy you are
  • The need for the service
  • Your investment in business
  • License and permits pricing
  • Daily operation costs

Do I Need To Find My Own Location For My Dog Daycare?

Yes, you will need to secure your dog daycare business location, but don’t let that add stress to your day. The Hounds Town team will partner with you to find a location that works best for you and your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Hounds Town Daycare Location?

Initial investments for a Hounds Town franchise range from $339,300 to $628,500, depending on location, licensing and permits, fire safety, security systems, and other necessities. This investment is still approximately 40% lower than other pet daycare competitors. 

Can I Get Financing To Start A Dog Daycare Franchise?

We have over a 97% success rate in helping potential Hounds Town franchise owners secure the right SBA loans. Our goal is to help you get started with a successful, fulfilling business. 

Are Doggy Daycare Businesses Successful?

As of 2018, 38% of households in the US own a dog, and 2020 provided 106.3 billion dollars in revenue for the pet industry. Pet owners have grown to care for their pets as members of the family, and the numbers support this, with data suggesting that the pet care industry is still growing.

How Much Can My Dog Daycare Business Make?

There are many elements and variables affecting how much any business can make, and despite the complications that came with the 2020 year, Hounds Town’s flagship location still generated $207,711.19 in net profit.

Are Doggy Daycare Businesses Recession-Proof?

Many people spend money on their pets as they would for family members, even during recessions. Not only does pet spending continue to grow during recessions, but The National Pet Owner Survey reports that pet owners spent about 8.1 billion dollars in 2020 on services – including boarding. Pet owners want to ensure their pets are safe and comfortable while they are traveling or otherwise away from home, and boarding facilities provide that. 

How Do I Advertise My Dog Daycare Business?

Our marketing professionals at Hounds Town are your key marketing partners and will assist with effective, proven marketing strategies for opening and creating awareness for your new business, as well as social media marketing.

Do I Get Training For Running a Dog Daycare?

Hounds Town provides training for all new franchise owners, as well as training for your support staff and a highly-detailed operations manual that serves as a great Hounds Town resource.

How Will I Get Materials and Supplies For My Dog Daycare Business?

Hounds Town provides access to bulk purchasing for many of the regular materials and supplies you will need at better prices than you would find if independent. This will ensure that you are saving money and the products and supplies you use and offer your customers are consistent with the Hounds Town brand and other locations.

What Supplies Do I Need to Start a Dog Daycare?

Most Hounds Town franchise owners start with a solid inventory of the following supplies and materials:

  • Food and treats
  • Cleaning supplies and trash bags
  • Leashes
  • Refrigerator
  • First aid kits

How Involved Do I Need To Be With My Franchise?

Hounds Town offers to common ownership options: 


  • Physically present 6-9 hours/day
  • Customer service
  • Dog grouping & feeding
  • Dog grooming assistance
  • Hiring & managing staff
  • Community relations


  • Works about 2 hours/day
  • Can work remotely
  • Hires on-site manager
  • Oversees general operations
  • Assists with hiring
  • Marketing

Learn More About Starting a Dog Daycare Business

Starting your dog daycare business has to start with a solid business plan. Instead of going through the pain of starting from scratch, going with a franchise can fast-track you into business ownership. A Hounds Town USA franchise is one of the ways you can make your dog daycare goal come true. You will receive support as a Franchise Owner at every step of the way.

Contact Hounds Town USA for more information on starting a dog daycare business that brings both emotional and financial rewards to your career!

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