Surprising Ways Franchisors Benefit From Virtual Call Centers

The Surprising Benefits of Using a Virtual Call Center

Convertros’ Virtual Call Center Services Handle Franchisee Recruitment, Customer Service, Sales, Appointment Scheduling and More

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Virtual call centers can be a saving grace to growing franchise systems. In addition to helping franchisees handle customer requests, they can serve as an extension to a franchise development team. “Many emerging brands lack the resources to stay ahead of their growth. That’s where we come in,” says Madison Moore, operations manager for Convertros. “We ensure no lead goes unnoticed — and we use real people to follow up on calls, not robots.”

At its core, Convertros operates as a virtual call center, efficiently handling consumers’ service requests, but that’s just for starters. After analyzing clients’ business data, Convertros can also assemble marketing campaigns and execute sales programs suited to each client’s unique needs and goals. 

And of special attention to franchisors: Convertros will help with franchisee recruiting and follow up on leads to convert interested entrepreneurs into full-fledged franchisees. 

Why Use a Virtual Call Center?

Moore lays out the case for partnering with her company and its virtual call center services. She points out that many businesses know they would benefit from an outbound call center but lack the budget to establish one in-house. Beyond the obvious costs for real estate and personnel, a business must shoulder the expense of acquiring special technology such as software to take care of CRM (customer relationship management) and data analytics in addition to training employees and paying continuous operational expenses.

Our average time between the lead arriving and Convertros placing the call to a potential customer is 27 seconds.

Convertros Madison Moore
Operations manager Madison Moore

Convertros fills the void with a cost-effective, customer-pleasing solution for companies that want to follow up quickly on service requests, build a loyal customer following and/or mount marketing and sales campaigns. “People don’t like auto-dialers,” Moore says. “It’s crucial to provide a human aspect. People don’t want to give information to robots. They want to get answers to their questions. They also want a conversation that’s easy-flowing and clearly understood. Our multilingual team members literally speak the customer’s language.

“Consumers also are in a hurry. Clients and customers want to be sure that services will be lined up right away, or else they are likely to contact another business to do the work. Our average time between the lead arriving and Convertros placing the call to a potential customer is 27 seconds.” 

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

In other roles, Convertros bridges the gap between marketing and sales, with high conversion rates that Moore says are “the lifeblood of every service-based business. We work around the clock across any time zone and in any spot on the globe. We also can handle marketing campaigns to reach thousands of potential customers quickly.”

With support from Convertros, its clients can be nimble. “Needs fluctuate. Perhaps a business adds a new service – let’s say a rubbish-removal company begins offering cleaning services – and wants to inform everyone in its large database,” Moore says. “Our proprietary technology streamlines the process of reaching massive numbers of potential customers for B2C and B2B2C businesses. This technology lets us scale up a major campaign for clients at warp speed, removing all logistical challenges at a reasonable cost.”

Clients pay commissions based on their objectives. They may choose to pay per call, per booking, or per close. The client decides which way to structure the partnership with Convertros, and Moore points out that this results-driven approach motivates both parties to work collaboratively to achieve their desired outcomes. 

We prioritize high-quality, ethical engagement with our clients’ target audiences.

Convertros’ Approach  

“We prioritize high-quality, ethical engagement with our clients’ target audiences. We are 100% complaint with the TCPA – the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Convertros team members answer questions and ease concerns, turning leads into loyal customers,” she says. 

After conversations with consumers, Convertros team members share feedback with clients to provide insights about customers’ pain points and expectations as well as to identify trends – valuable information for empowering future marketing and sales strategies. Also during exchanges with customers, Convertros team members can assist with appointment setting, cross-selling and up-selling.

“We hire energetic, personable team members who receive training that is customized to their individual client’s needs, which may be sales, technical support or another area,” Moore says. “Convertros team members learn every brand’s goals and challenges so their handling of leads and questions becomes second nature.”

Maximizing Lead Conversion

It’s easy enough to promise those things, but she says Convertros makes sure they really happen. “We implement stringent quality-assurance protocols such as regular monitoring and evaluation of calls, feedback sessions and ongoing training to address that need improvement.” 

All of those activities are fueled by Convertros’ guiding principles: hustle, drive, ownership, transparency and care. “Successful outbound calling can spell the difference between a business that will thrive or fail,” Moore says. “To maintain our high conversion rates, Convertros tailors its campaigns to each client’s particular needs, target audience and value proposition. We dig deeply into market research, competitor analysis and customer insights to maximize the client’s conversion potential.

“Our multichannel capabilities make Convertros the perfect solution for companies that want to expand their reach, generate sales or interact with their customer base more effectively.” For more information about partnering with Convertros, please visit

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