Supporting Women in Franchising

“Approximately 26-30% of all franchises are solely woman-owned. Additionally, 41% of new franchisees that have launched in the last 24 months are women. The best part: 54% of female franchisees overall say their work/life is balanced or very balanced.” (Source: Franchise Business Review). 

The tide is beginning to turn, as franchising has seen a significant rise in the number of younger women joining the industry and investing in franchises. Women started out as a minority group in franchising, but have become decision makers, who play a much bigger role in the franchising world. 

There is much more variety for women to choose from today in franchising. Gone are the days when women were simply delegated to working in more feminine-type businesses, such as beauty and health-related franchises. Today’s franchising world offers opportunities across all sectors and types of franchising and there are female success stories in all of them. 

Women are finding that franchise ownership can offer freedom and opportunities to thrive. More and more women are seeking franchise opportunities in sectors like business consulting, education, food, pets and photography.  

It’s also interesting to note, that women today have more opportunities than ever. Many organizations have established workshops, seminars, mentoring programmes, and funding opportunities for women interested in operating a franchise. 

With the growing numbers of women seeking franchising opportunities, it’s clear that leaders in franchising need to do more to support women entering the franchising world.

Our goal should be threefold:

  • to encourage women to consider buying a franchise
  • to encourage businesswomen to franchise their existing operations
  • and to help franchisors attract more women to their networks.

Women have a valuable contribution to make in business and their unique qualities, perspectives and ideas are badly needed. We all, therefore, have a role to play in ensuring that they are given equal access to all opportunities. Our primary focus should be to support women, who are looking for a route into the franchise industry.

The biggest challenge I believe women have, is not that they are not taken seriously out in the world, but that they don’t take themselves seriously. We need to inspire and support each other to reach our potential.

My parents, from a very young age, instilled in my sisters and I, that each one of us was born to make an impact and inspire others. Each one of us had a story to tell and our chosen path in life. Each one of us was a unique being, who with determination and perseverance would be unstoppable. This support has been invaluable to me. If more women in the franchise market were supported, they would find it much easier to succeed. 

Personally speaking, I am a single mother with two children who I have raised to be phenomenal people. And in return, they have been my source of inspiration and motivated me to start my company.

Building confidence

I believe that women need to be confident, in themselves, their negotiation skills, their juggling skills. They need to stop listening to all of these generalized “experts”.  They need to know their own personal strengths and weaknesses (not what everyone says they should be as a woman). They need to use their strengths, address their weaknesses and pursue their goals.

Tips for building confidence:

  • Figure out what it is you love to do. If you love what you are doing, it won’t feel like work.
  • Get educated in your field of interest. Develop your knowledge of the franchising industry and hone your business skills.
  • Get things done. Monitor your progress and follow through. Be fearless in pushing forward. Think long term. And stand up for yourself.

Each of us has a unique gift to give the world and we bring much value to those lives we touch. Once we can embrace that thought pattern, we are unstoppable. 

By virtue of having spent most of her professional career in the franchising sector, Sarah Kulbatski, COO, has a passion for business, is driven to achieve short- and long-term results, and is committed to quality and sustainability. She believes that a climate of positive franchise relations lies at the heart of a successful and thriving organization. Visit Email

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