This Phoenix Entrepreneur Thrives with LIME Painting

LIME Painting Franchise

This Physician-Turned-Franchisee Shares Tips for Successful Franchise Ownership with LIME Painting

Shan Mukundan, a physician for almost 20 years, diagnosed a great franchise opportunity in LIME Painting and took the plunge into entrepreneurship. His enterprise, Coatz Inc. doing business as LIME Painting of Phoenix, opened in August 2021. As company president as well as owner, Mukundan leads an expert team that provides high-end painting services to an upscale customer base. 

Phoenix LIME Painting franchise owner Shan Mukundan

The endeavor marks a big change for Mukundan, who built his personal reputation for excellence while holding senior management positions in several large organizations including a Fortune 500 company. He is committed to using his previously developed skills in inspiring his LIME Painting franchise team to serve clients as the brand promises, with Love, Integrity, Mission and Excellence.

Why LIME Painting Franchise?

Mukundan invested in his LIME Painting franchise after investigating various options for business ownership. “I chose LIME because of its proven model, strong owner community, and the mission,” to always provide the highest-quality painting and related services, along with excellent customer experiences, to residential and commercial clients, he says. From beginning to end, LIME Painting of Phoenix pledges to deliver concierge service to every customer and on every job.

The level of ongoing support from corporate and the camaraderie in the LIME community have been outstanding at every turn.

Mukundan, who lives in Glendale, Ariz., with his wife and their twin sons, has been pleased with his choice. “The close-knit community, amazing corporate support and commitment for continuous improvement” set the LIME Painting franchise opportunity apart from the competition, he says. In particular, Mukundan applauds the assistance he has received from LIME Painting’s headquarters. “The level of ongoing support from corporate and the camaraderie in the LIME community have been outstanding at every turn,” he says. 

Following LIME Painting’s Process

Every part of the business has unfolded as expected, starting with opening day. “The proven methods that were imparted to us at LIME Painting boot camp were invaluable,” he says. “They work like a charm as long we practice them consistently.”

His busy Phoenix franchise has two employees (in addition to Mukundan himself) and one vehicle. He has four subcontractor crews. A typical day for Mukundan, who supervises the operation from his office, begins with “a morning check-in with employees, followed by reviewing commercial bid opportunities,” he says. “Later I update invoices and manage QuickBooks.” 

Fridays are a little different, though. “They’re usually team meetings, visits to builders and prospective clients, and conversations with paint company reps,” he says. And from time to time, Mukundan says “we have virtual meetings set by corporate for ongoing strategy discussions.”

Success with LIME Painting

In his experience, he believes there are three vital rules for success with a LIME Painting franchise:

  • “Trust and follow the process at LIME,” Mukundan advises. After all, the company has laid the foundation with a proven business model. That’s what gives you an edge over competitors that probably have started their businesses from scratch and must follow a trial-and-error path. LIME Painting already has figured out the what-works-best approach for its franchisees. 
  • “Mentor and nurture your employees.” Do right by them, and they will do right by you. Reward them for jobs well-done. Get to know them and listen to them. Be fair and be kind. 
  • “Treat your customers as you would want to be treated.” This axiom, of course, is mission-critical in all service-based businesses, and a LIME Painting franchise is no exception.

If you adhere to these principles, Mukundan says, “Success will follow you.” 

About the LIME Painting Franchise Opportunity

LIME Painting has carved out a niche in serving the high-end, luxury paint market. It’s a premium brand serving an affluent demographic that insists on flawless workmanship and peerless customer service. LIME Painting franchisees enjoy freedom and flexibility in running their businesses; they can manage their home-improvement businesses via LIMEWare, a centralized mobile-based platform.             

A LIME Painting franchise is quick to start – it can be up and running within 30 to 90 days from the awarding of the franchise. A franchisee’s initial investment ranges from $124,700 to $162,375. Qualified franchisees need $50,000 in liquidity and a net worth of at least $150,000.

Lime Painting is supported by REP’M Group, a franchise growth and sales organization that helps franchise brands grow in a sustainable and responsible manner. For more information about a LIME Painting franchise, email

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