Sola Salon Studios Reopens Following Recommendations From the CDC and Local Health Departments

Sola Salon Studios, the world’s largest and fastest growing salon studios franchise, is reopening its 505 independently owned and operated locations as soon as state/local restrictions are lifted in order to allow the 15,000 independent beauty professionals that call Sola their home get back to work and start earning an income again.

“Like our franchisees, Sola pros are small, independent business owners, so we thought it was important to reopen our buildings and allow them to start earning an income again as soon as possible, which has a direct impact on our franchisees’ revenue,” said Christina Russell, CEO of Sola Salon Studios. “Our salon studios model is comprised of 20-40 boutique salon studios per location with floor-to-ceiling walls and sliding glass doors, made for one-on-one experiences. Because of this unique layout, beauty professionals have more control of their space and sanitation practices at Sola.”

Prior to reopening, each Sola location underwent or will undergo a deep cleaning to sanitize and disinfect common areas and individual salon studios. Front doors will remain locked, walk-ins will not be permitted, and clients with appointments must be escorted into the building by their Sola stylist.

Sola has shared resources with both franchisees and stylists that include cleaning & sanitation guidelines, other operational/facilities guidelines, as well as steps for stylists to become Barbicide certified. Whenever there is conflicting information, Sola is encouraging franchisees and stylists to follow the more stringent protocol. Daily cleaning by a professional cleaning company using CDC-recommended protocols and EPA-registered household disinfectants, as well as a mid-day tidy with special attention paid to frequently touched surfaces are also part of the new protocols.

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