Franchising’s Power Players: Sherri Seiber

Sherri Seiber FranFund

FranFund’s President Discusses Her Guiding Philosophy, Accomplishments and Influences

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FranFund President Sherri Seiber is one of the most beloved and respected names in franchising. Her many accomplishments are as admirable as her authenticity and generosity. Through FranFund, Seiber has helped countless entrepreneurs obtain funding to launch and grow small businesses. But it’s not just about what she does that makes Seiber exceptional; it’s how she does it. Her brilliance is in her people skills and ability to build relationships and bring people together.

Seiber and her team have elevated franchising’s culture with a warm and welcoming approach. Her hand-picked staff of experts shares her DNA when it comes to values and professionalism — and that didn’t happen by accident. Seiber dedicates her time to sharing her knowledge and empowering others to lead with virtue and excellence. Although there are men in leadership roles at FranFund (including her husband, Geoff, and son, Tim), she has built an outstanding team of strong, impressive women. Seiber believes that women inherently have the intuition and ability to understand people. “That intuition can extend both internally and externally to your customer targets,” she says. Her advice for women in particular is to “sit at the table and not in the back of the room.”

I love to mentor the rising young women in franchising.

FranFund team
Seiber dedicates her time to sharing her knowledge and empowering others to lead with virtue and excellence.

Sherri Seiber: A Leader of Leaders

Seiber has set out to build a team of strong leaders. She believes a collaborative environment creates a winning culture. Below, she describes the major influences and achievements in her career.

What is Your Mantra or Motto?

My motto is “A rising tide raises all boats.” This philosophy applies to all departments and teams, and by improving the entire company’s performance, our customers benefit. In my experience, I’ve found that this approach to leadership emphasizes collaboration and teamwork rather than competition and individual success. Ultimately this benefits everyone involved.

What’s Your Greatest Career Accomplishment?

I have been fortunate to create successful teams in various roles throughout my career. There are many benefits to having a cohesive team that strives for excellence: positive workplace culture, increased productivity, improved problem-solving, and succession planning. I always want to have the ability to easily replace myself by having someone ready to step up.

Who is Your Idol in Franchising?

I could fill several pages with women and men worthy of idol status. Franchising is an excellent place for women who are creative, motivated and natural leaders. There are two women in particular whom I am personal friends with and impress me frequently with their contributions. Catherine Monson is a powerhouse CEO of Propelled Brands. She has been a pillar of progress for the IFA as a past chair and with her continued work on Capitol Hill. Sherri Fishman, co-CEO of FishmanPR, a top franchising public relations firm, is the total package. She has successfully led her company to the top, served on the IFA board, and mentored and given back to the industry in many ways, all while raising impressive children and conducting a successful marriage.

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