Robeks Adds Dawn Eriksen-Foy to Sales Team

HireWire - franchise news - Dawn Eriksen-Foy, Robeks 

Eriksen-Foy Aligns with the Smoothie Franchise’s Values of Healthy Eating and Giving Back 

Dawn Eriksen-Foy is the new vice president of franchise sales for Robeks, a Los Angeles-based smoothie franchise. Eriksen-Foy will leverage her sales leadership and franchise development experience to propel the company’s expansion initiatives forward, with a focus on cultivating strategic partnerships and fostering a culture of success.

Since she was interested in improving her overall health, Eriksen-Foy was drawn to Robeks’ roots in healthy eating, ensuring that guests don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutritional value. She looks forward to supporting new franchise growth and increasing the brand’s footprint to bring in new customers interested in low-cost healthy food choices. “It’s exciting to work with franchisees who are new to the restaurant industry as well as those more-experienced multi-unit restaurant owners who understand the increasing demand for tasty, nutritious choices among consumers.” 

Robeks President David Rawnsley praises her “remarkable track record and unwavering dedication to driving growth [that] make her the ideal leader to spearhead our franchise development efforts. We are confident that Eriksen-Foy’s strategic vision and leadership will accelerate our expansion and position Robeks for continued success.”

HireWire - franchise news - Dawn Eriksen-Foy, Robeks
Dawn Eriksen-Foy is the new vice president of franchise sales for Robeks. 

A Rewarding Journey 

Eriksen-Foy’s franchising journey began in telecommunications, where she held a role combining development and operations for Sprint Nextel Communications. Her experiences in licensing cellphone retail locations mirrored traditional franchising. Erikson-Foy was then recruited to Wingstop, which she described as a “dynamic, fast-paced development environment.” During her time there, she learned about the position at Robeks. 

She appreciates that the Robeks franchise has an attractive business model that offers a pathway for entrepreneurs to meet and exceed their goals. “It’s also very rewarding to know that when new restaurants open, we are creating jobs within their respective communities.”

Sustainable Growth

In order to achieve sustainable growth, Eriksen-Foy is a proponent of franchisors’ having a well-defined growth strategy. This should include creating a plan to optimize market penetration and fully vetting franchisee candidates, she said. In her experience, the restaurant industry has changed over time, and Eriksen-Foy noted that brands have been reducing their real estate footprints. In the post-Covid world, off-premises pick-up and delivery have gained in popularity. “Robeks is very well-positioned to meet today’s consumer demands, as we are predominantly an off-premises business that operates in a smaller box than many traditional QSRs,” Eriksen-Foy stated. 

When she’s not working, the Hofstra University graduate enjoys giving back. She has volunteered with City Harvest and raised funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Tomorrow Children’s Fund. 

About Robeks

Founded in 1996, Robeks has 103 locations, with 40 more in development across 13 states and the District of Columbia, according to a press release.

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