Re-Bath Announces Tina Thousand as Chief Technology Officer 

HW- Tina Thousand

Thousand Oversees All Franchise-Facing, Internal, and Digital Customer Experience Solutions

Tina Thousand is the new chief technology officer (CTO) of Re-Bath, a leading bathroom remodeling franchise. As CTO, Thousand oversees all franchise-facing, internal, and digital customer experience solutions. She has more than two decades of information technology experience and has worked for Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Buffets Inc., Caribou Coffee, and Werner Electric.

In a statement, Thousand said, “Re-Bath’s collaborative and customer-focused culture drew me in along with the opportunity to better leverage technology solutions. My goal is to improve the customer experience and drive efficient and effective operations for employees and franchisees.”

Thousand most looks forward to executing initiatives that will improve the technology tools that enable Re-Bath’s franchisees to grow and scale their businesses. “These will also help elevate the digital aspects of the effortless remodeling process we deliver to our customers,” she adds. Meeting Re-Bath’s leadership team and learning about its culture of collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship played a key role in drawing Thousand in, and she knew it was an organization she wanted to be a part of.

Tina Thousand, Re-Bath
Tina Thousand is the new CTO of Re-Bath. 

To Thousand, Re-Bath stands out because of its strong leadership team and innovations. “With a healthy number of territories available and a leadership team that’s fueling innovations, we are primed to build off our current success, further grow the remodeling industry and create more opportunities for franchisees,” she adds.

Thousand’s Franchising Journey 

Thousand’s franchising journey started when she become an IT leader at Caribou Coffee and Einstein Noah Restaurant Group. “Having a network of knowledgeable, engaged and diverse franchise owners to partner with in growing our brand and elevating the experience for our customers is my favorite part of the industry. As I’ve started to tap into the Re-Bath franchise owner network, I’m excited to be part of such a collaborative and supportive group,” she said. 

For entrepreneurs who want to enter franchising, Thousand urges them to “connect with other franchise owners to learn about the opportunities and pitfalls in the industry and to start building the relationships that will be crucial in their success.”

With her expansive knowledge of IT, Thousand knows the importance of franchisors improving the direction of the technology of their businesses. “Adopting an agile framework can enable franchisors to focus their teams on solving customer problems and creating differentiated customer experiences. With agile development methods, teams are able to deliver better-designed, higher quality products at a faster rate, and are able to learn and adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment,” she said. 

More About Re-Bath

Re-Bath has expanded to more than 120 locations across the U.S. It launched its first franchise location in 1991 to focus on the residential market. The bathroom remodeling franchise offers aging and accessibility solutions, bathroom remodels, and tub and shower updates.

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