Radiant Waxing Franchisee Flourishes in Unexpected Markets

Multi-Unit Radiant Waxing Owner Offers Self-Care Services

When Teresa Hatter’s husband, Scott, brought up the idea about investing in waxing salons, she thought he had lost his mind. They lived in Boise, Idaho – not exactly what you’d call an urban center. It didn’t fit her mental profile for an area that could support that kind of business. But Scott was confident LunchboxWax®, now known as Radiant Waxing®, was a sound investment. “I certainly didn’t know that your everyday mom was getting Brazilians,” she says. “That just was not on my radar at all.”

That was nine years ago, and she soon learned she was wrong. Since then, they have opened five more salons in a span of seven years and business continues to boom. The hair removal waxing market is expected to grow significantly. According to a new report, “Hair Removal Wax Market: Global Industry Analysis (2022-2029),” the market is expected to have a value of about $19.76 billion by 2029, growing by a compounded annual growth rate of 8.1% through 2029.

“The adoption of hair removal wax has surged across the globe due to evolving beauty standards and lifestyle shifts,” the report says. “Both men and women are increasingly concerned about their appearance, propelling the demand for hair removal solutions.” The report cited the surge in growth was linked to “advanced hair removal methods, increased disposable income and Hollywood’s influence on global beauty standards.”

Entering the World of Franchising

Franchising was part of the family business for Scott Hatter. His parents owned several Burger King franchises, but he didn’t have any plans to follow in their footsteps after graduating from college with a hospitality degree. That changed, and after the couple married, Teresa became involved, too. The couple worked with Scott’s parents and expanded their holdings to own several Baja Fresh Mexican Grill franchises, totaling about 14 locations.

“It was a sizable operation,” Teresa says. But the time came to find something different outside of restaurants, and they sold their locations. They knew when searching for different concepts they didn’t want to get back into restaurants. “I’m not doing any more food. Done with that,” Teresa told her husband. “It was great. We had some great experiences. But I didn’t want to do food anymore.”

The couple wanted to try something different, and one of their franchising lawyers suggested they consider the LunchboxWax brand. “My husband comes home like, ‘So we’re going to do this,’” she remembers. ‘We’re going do these waxing salons.’ And I seriously thought he was insane. I thought, “There’s no way there’s money in this.”

A Successful Rebranding

The couple were the first franchisees of the LunchboxWax brand, which rebranded as Radiant Waxing in 2022, after the franchise system was acquired by WellBiz Brands. The Hatters also lived in Boise, which was the headquarters of the company, and all the salons in town were corporate owned. So, they had to look elsewhere.

Radiant Waxing franchise

Salt Lake City wasn’t far, and it had similar demographics. But it also had a conservative population that had questions about the business. “We had a hard time for a little bit getting people in Utah to lease to us,” she said. “People didn’t quite understand what it was we were doing. I think they thought maybe we’re going to be operating some seedy operation. Once we opened in Park City, Utah, landlords could see that we were a legitimate business.”

The Hatters opened the Park City location in 2014. After that, the couple was opening salons around the region for the next seven years – Sugar House, South Jordan, American Fork, Cottonwood Heights and Bountiful. The Hatters loved the connection they made with the employees in their salons. It was different than the restaurant business. “You get to know people,” she says. “My very favorite thing to do is to go sit at the front desk and check people in. I also help the girls switch over their rooms. You get to know the guests. That’s what I love most about the business.”

Growing Demand

As the popularity of waxing and other wellness services increases, so does the Hatters’ business. Part of that has to do with how the public’s perception of services like waxing has changed – specifically since the pandemic’s early days when salons and other businesses were shut down. “People are carving out money to take care of themselves, whether it’s lashes or nails or massage or waxing,” Teresa Hatter says. “I think when I was younger, when I was in my 20s and 30s and really even 40s, a lot of that stuff felt more like a treat.”

Radiant Waxing franchise

Now, self-care has become part of life for many, especially those in the millennial and Generation Z demographics. “I’m not going to say it’s a necessity, but they feel like it’s totally OK to splurge on doing the service,” she says. “The things that are more self-care, that really go along with having a work-life balance. This trend is just part of what I do to take care of myself.”

For more information about the Radiant Waxing franchise, visit https://www.radiantwaxing.com/franchise/.

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