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The Shoosters Blend Values and Technology to Modernize Their Family’s Answering Service Business

Before Michael and Alizabeth Shooster officially invited their son Logan (right) to join the family’s answering service business, they made sure it was what Logan truly wanted. The Shoosters were thrilled at the prospect of their son becoming part of Answering Service Care’s 50-year-old family legacy, but they were more concerned that Logan would follow his passions. As it turns out, they were one and the same. 

While a student at Amherst College, Logan completed internships in various industries, which helped him recognize that his true interest lay in the family business. So when he decided to officially join Answering Service Care, he dove in headfirst. Now leading sales, marketing, and software development for the Florida-based answering service business, Logan is eager to uphold and enhance the family’s 50-year legacy. ”It’s where I want to be and what I want to do. I love the people, the history, the legacy, and the opportunity to be in a position where I can make a real difference,” Logan says.  

Family Culture

Answering Service Care

Michael has always subscribed to the theory that family comes first. This applies to his immediate family as well as his business family. In all his years of business, he has put a priority on culture. He has many employees who have been with him for more than 40 years. “Our culture seeps into every aspect of the business, and our employees feel that. We have held onto our people, where our competitors have not. The average turnover in the answering service business is high but we succeed in retention. This ability to hold on to people has led to our success,” says Michael.

Creating that culture didn’t happen by accident. The Shooster family has made a conscious effort to reward loyalty and make employees feel valued. On milestone anniversaries, for example, long-term employees receive significant gifts, including luxury vacations, jewelry, and even cars. “We invest back in those tenured employees. It keeps them happy, which leads to happy customers,” Michael says.

Sustained Legacy

The original family business started by Michael’s father in 1974 included a variety of customer services. The business went through many iterations over the years. Once Michael’s siblings retired, he created a new vision for the business, which focused on his family’s roots, answering services. In 2019, he acquired the business from his siblings. “I wanted to continue the family legacy. I consider this a do-over, but the company remains the same in terms of values and culture and, of course, our long-term employees.”

As it turns out, longevity is more common in family businesses. According to the Conway Center for Family Business, what sets family businesses apart is the sense of connection and identity the owners and their family members feel with the business. The Shoosters agree with this theory.

Shared Vision

The family team admits that they sometimes find it challenging to separate their business and family lives, especially since they work so closely. “Literally, we talk about the business all the time,” jokes Logan. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. This rapport, combined with Michael and Alizabeth’s wisdom and Logan’s fresh perspective, has helped them innovate. Since Logan started, they have implemented technology to streamline processes and have started targeting franchising clients. “Our services make a lot of sense for franchisors. We can ensure consistency across all locations, and allow them to access call transcripts through our web and mobile app,” says Logan.

Working with Logan has been incredibly rewarding for Michael and Alizabeth, who are extremely proud of their son’s contributions. “You never know what you don’t know until you bring your children into the business,” says Michael. While Logan’s three older brothers have pursued other paths, including law, medical school and film, Michael is equally as proud of them. “I want my children to be happy, whether that means they are in the family business or not. That is the bottom line,” he says.

Answering Service Care

About Answering Service Care

Answering Service Care offers comprehensive, live 24/7 call-handling services tailored for franchises as well as other small, medium-sized, and enterprise companies, ensuring that client phones, chats, texts and leads are always attended to, including outside of regular business hours, on holidays, or any other time when staff might be unavailable. With a team of 200 skilled professionals, Answering Service Care employs custom scripts developed in collaboration with clients to effectively manage various communication needs. These services include taking messages, booking appointments, lead intake, gathering and relaying critical information, transferring calls, 6000-plus integrations, and troubleshooting issues, among others.

By providing these services, Answering Service Care enables businesses to improve customer relations significantly and never miss another call. The company helps firms streamline their operational processes and maintain reliable communication, which is essential for customer satisfaction and retention. The Answering Service Care team ensures that all client interactions are handled professionally and efficiently, reflecting positively on the business they represent.

For businesses looking for robust support in managing their customer interactions, Answering Service Care offers a reliable and scalable solution. The company’s services not only help manage the flow of calls efficiently but also capture every opportunity to satisfy customers and resolve issues. For additional information, read more here.

With a motto of “They get it, so you don’t have to,” Answering Service Care lives up to this promise by allowing companies to focus on core business activities while their team handles the complexities of customer communication.

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