Meet Bio-One President Sandi Ellis

Bio-One Sandi Ellis

As a Former Franchisee, Ellis Fosters a Corporate Culture of Family and Caring

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“Our franchisees are our customers,” says Sandi Ellis, president of Bio-One, a franchise specializing in crime scene cleanup and biohazard decontamination of homes and other properties. “We’re here to support, connect and guide our franchisees. We help every entrepreneur become a successful business owner while helping people in their greatest times of need,” says Ellis, who knows this firsthand. After all, she’s a former Bio-One franchisee herself.  

“When a new office opens, franchisees are welcomed into a large family of caring and compassionate owners. If any owner needs help, whether professionally or personally, franchisees band together to offer advice, support and guidance,” she says. “This is Bio-One culture at its core. We all share a passion for serving people in our communities.”

Bio-One Franchise Business President Sandi Ellis and a group of others
Bio-One President Sandi Ellis started with the brand as a franchise owner. Her experience has helped her fully understand what franchisees go through and how to help them succeed. 

The Five Star Franchising Umbrella

Bio-One is one of seven companies under the Five Star Franchising umbrella, and its parent is an important resource for franchisees, says Ellis, who took the reins of the company in February. “Five Star Franchising is dedicated to supporting the success of every Bio-One franchisee. They listen and advocate for our needs, and they have created a wonderful ecosystem where we can connect with other home-service franchises.”

Ellis believes the supportive culture at Five Star Franchising and Bio-One “is critical at the franchise-owner level. A positive and empathetic culture among the owners has a massive impact on the entire company’s relationships. When franchise owners adopt the same values and goals, everyone in the system can be more successful.” 

Ellis’ Path to Bio-One

Ellis has witnessed Bio-One’s benefits for nearly a decade. “My Bio-One path started when my ex-husband and I became franchise owners in 2013. We owned offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and then in Denver.” 

After her first Bio-One job site experience, Ellis wasn’t convinced this was the career path for her. She explains, “It was our first New Year’s Eve as Bio-One owners when we received an emergency call. None of our technicians were available. I had no choice and was recruited to clean up blood and feces. During the cleanup, I remember thinking how much I loved my desk job. 

“In that moment, if I was told that I would become the president of Bio-One, I would have been shocked and in complete denial.” But that’s exactly what happened: “I joined the Bio-One corporate team and have helped Bio-One grow to the 125 offices we have today.”

She’s a big believer in the opportunities of Bio-One, which was founded in 2006 and began franchising in 2010. “I’m genuinely happy this is the path my life took. Bio-One has been phenomenal and rewarding for many reasons. With my experiences, I fully understand what franchisees go through and how to help them succeed.”

Ellis praises fast-growing Bio-One as “setting the industry standard when it comes to crime scene cleanup. We offer our franchise owners the training, ongoing support, guidance, and expertise for running a successful crime and trauma scene cleaning business. When terrible situations arise, Bio-One is called in because we have the knowledge and experience to handle all situations with thoroughness and care.” 

Bio-One Franchise Owners

Bio-One franchisees are strong, motivated leaders who are passionate about helping people, Ellis says. “We are looking for candidates across the country, and little to no experience is required. Bio-One has low start-up costs [initial investment: about $106,000 to $154,000] and high profit margins. Owners enjoy the flexibility of owning their businesses while leaning on an experienced franchise network and trusted support team.” 

She’s confident of a bright future. “With the support of Five Star Franchising and ProNexis [a call center and digital marketing company for home-services franchises], we will take the brand, our CRM systems, digital presence and much more to a whole new level.” To learn more about Bio-One franchises, visit

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