Income Store by Tgc

Company Name: Income Store By TGC

Contact: Mike Engstrom

Initiation Fee: None

Cash Investment: $50,000 to $700,000

Business Description:

We are an Inc 500/5000 company as of 2013 and over 5 years of business growth.

What if a store carried income items that produced $500 / month to $20,000 / month?

Although sounding a bit “Too Good To Be True”, that store exists.

You can find it at

We are looking for capital investments of $50,000 to $700,000 to put a partnership together with you.

We buy it with you and run the business for you.

We maintain and grow your online business as you do other things.

Watch our videos on and web sites for more information.

Similar to a real estate agent, Income Store finds “Revenue Generating” websites for individuals, groups and funds. They refer to the individuals, groups and funds as “Site Partners”. Income Store takes the real estate agent model to another level. Not only does Income Store find revenue generating websites, they buy, manage, market and further monetize the website for their Site Partners. Income Store uses the term Site Partner because they have skin in the game. Instead of getting paid an upfront fee, like a real estate agent, Income Store receives a revenue share on each site purchased.

Income Store is unique on many levels. There is no competition to Income Store as there is no other company that acts as the “Buyer – Host – Manager – Marketing Agency – Monetization Agency” for a website purchase, let alone, perform any of the aforementioned services on a “pay per performance” basis. It is only because Income Store is a division of Todays Growth Consultant, Inc. (TGC) that makes this possible. TGC has a four-year growth rate that placed them on the Inc.5000 list this year as the 1083rd fastest growing U.S. Company.

TGC partners with executives, athletes, authors and industry thought leaders on Authority Websites. TGC co-owns, manages markets and monetizes over 200 Authority Websites that will be viewed over 100 Million times in 2013.

212 Slalom Ct., Minooka IL 60447
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