How to Maintain a Direct Communication With Your Lawyer

Communication is the key to a successful and flourishing attorney-client relationship. There may come a time when consulting a lawyer becomes a necessity. Communicating properly with your lawyer will bear fruit as it clears a lot of misunderstandings and will make your case much easier to deal with. This relationship is all about communication; it makes everything clear for both you and your lawyer. Here are some tips to help you maintain clear communication with your lawyer.

Agree To A Method Of Communication

1.Choose A Method

Every lawyer is different. Many prefer to communicate via telephone or mail while others are more open and lean towards a more personal communication channel. When you meet your lawyer for the first time you should agree on a communication method that works for both of you. This method should provide clarity and understanding between you and your lawyer.

2.Best Time To Contact

Lawyers are often busy. It’s not a good habit to drop in anytime you want. For this purpose, you should consult with your lawyer and decide the best contact times. Lawyers often have to go to court during the day so it’s good to know their work schedule. You should also ask them who you should contact in case of an emergency.

3.Meet The Lawyer’s Staff

Most of your communication will happen with your lawyer’s staff. Since your lawyer won’t be available 24/7, you’ll be dealing with the staff. Once you get to know them, communication will become a lot easier.

Communicate Effectively

1.Organize Your Thoughts

In your first meeting, your lawyer is going to ask about the details of your case or dispute. The best way to inform the lawyer of your condition is to control your thought process. Your lawyer will ask you about everything related to the dispute or event. Take some time out to organize your answers in a way that will make your communication clear. Aside from verbal communication, your documents should also be well-organized as this creates a good impression as well. If you do this, you’ll feel comfortable while conversing with your lawyer.

2.State What You Want

Your main purpose for hiring a lawyer is to serve your interests. It’s imperative that you are able to clarify to your lawyer what you want. State all your demands to your lawyer. Be comfortable while conversing because your lawyer will never be able to know what you want unless you state it clearly yourself. Use complete sentences that convey the full meaning and clarify your demands.

3.Stay Informed About Your Case

Converse with your lawyer from time to time to get updates on your case. Communication requires knowledge, you’ll be able to communicate better once you know about your case. Personal injury lawyers from the law offices of John Drew Warlick suggest that if you don’t know much about the case, get more information about the laws related to your particular case so you know what to discuss with your lawyer. Staying informed will ease your mind throughout the case.

4.Ask Questions

Asking questions is the most underrated tip. If you want your communication to go smoothly, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. If there’s anything you don’t understand then ask away because, obviously, you don’t know as much about the law as your lawyer so don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions. This will clear things out for you.

5.Be Honest

Remember, it’s your lawyer’s job to minimize the consequences should there be any. Because of this, you should always be honest with your lawyer. Telling the truth will not only help you but will also help your lawyer tackle the important issues. Hiding information, even if it’s embarrassing, will do more harm than good. Don’t try to bend the truth and tell everything as honestly as you possibly can.

6.Keep The Lawyer Updated

Keeping your lawyer up to date with information about the dispute or case is extremely important. If not, you may be blindsided at court. Be detailed and tell your lawyer everything honestly. Sometimes in cases of robberies or murders, it can be difficult to describe the small details. Although it’s difficult, try to remember each detail and inform your lawyer as soon as you remember any new information. You never know how important it might be.

Communicating properly with your lawyer and keeping a good relationship will be the key to a successful trial. Everything you tell your lawyer is protected by the attorney-client privilege. Every small detail can make a huge difference. Clear communication will make the legal process way easier and more beneficial. It also makes your relationship with the lawyer better. Once your lawyer knows you’ve entrusted him with everything he will try harder to help you win your case.

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