Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Oil Change Enter New Era

Grease Monkey Franchise

Redesigned Stores Cater to Customers AND Franchisees

Now it’s even more enticing to invest in Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service franchises. FullSpeed Automotive, parent to the two brands, hits the accelerator on franchise growth with new store models designed to improve customer service within compact real estate footprints. Beta tests of the new store models are beginning this year and will roll out to new franchisees with the option for existing franchisees to upgrade next year.

The revolutionary, completely reimagined stores will have distinctively branded exteriors featuring new slogans: “Done Fast. Done Right.” for Grease Monkey and “Full Service. Total Trust.” for SpeeDee. The stores’ instantly identifiable facades are expected to provide Grease Monkey and SpeeDee with brand recognition that will give both franchises an edge over competing automobile maintenance businesses. 

Customer Experience Is Key for Grease Monkey and SpeeDee’s New Models

SpeedDee Franchise
While customers wait to have their cars serviced at SpeeDee, they can enjoy comfortable lounge areas and patio seating with refreshments and entertainment.

The franchises’ parent set an overriding goal for the new Grease Monkey and SpeeDee models: that all digital and physical customer interactions build brand loyalty. And working closely with the high-profile Detroit design team of Studio|H2G, FullSpeed Automotive leaders are convinced they have delivered.

The new models offer express lanes with a 15-minute stay-in-the-car model. In the parking lot, revamped directions and signage minimize the time needed to get service underway. While customers wait, they can enjoy comfortable lounge areas and patio seating with refreshments and entertainment. And finally, up-to-the-minute technology and artificial intelligence will inform and streamline all customer experiences.  

FullSpeed Leaders Praise the Models

SpeeDee’s new design offer express lanes with a 15-minute stay-in-the-car model.

FullSpeed Automotive CEO Kevin Kormondy predicts consumers will be wowed by the carefully thought-out new models. “Our customers are looking for great service and high-quality care, and they want to feel comfortable and at ease when visiting our brands. Our new store designs offer all of that and more,” he says. “We’re completely innovating the industry with an all-new look and feel. We’re elevating the guest experience but still providing fast, top-quality service. The design and guest experience communicate excellence, sophistication and quality workmanship.” 

Ron Stilwell, chief development officer of FullSpeed Automotive, says customer service drives every strategic decision for his company, but “we anticipate the flexible, new store models to be a real source of attraction for eager and sophisticated franchisees who want to bring our brands to their region of choice across the United States.”

Small Footprints a Boost for Franchisees

Stilwell adds that FullSpeed Automotive paid close attention to franchisees’ needs and desires as the new models developed. “When franchising, it’s critically important to ensure that the cost of build works well with the economic model and provides a great return on investment for years to come,” Stilwell says. “We feel we’ve achieved that with these new prototypes, saving money and construction costs while maximizing operational efficiencies to drive franchisee profitability.”

The square footage of the new models will vary based on real estate. Built-from-scratch sites will be 1,200 to 1,500 square feet and be equipped with three express bays. But the new models also can be adapted to fit existing auto-service facilities. 

The conservative footprint was designed to counter rising real estate prices. Of course, regardless of store size, all SpeeDee and Grease Monkey stores will offer the franchise brands’ signature services: oil changes, tire sales and rotations, brake services, car washes and more.

Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Franchisees

New slogans are part of Grease Monkey and SpeeDee’s redesigned shops: “Done Fast. Done Right.” for Grease Monkey and “Full Service. Total Trust.” for SpeeDee.

Based in Greenwood Village, Colo., FullSpeed Automotive currently has more than 730 franchised and company-owned locations. The brand’s parent seeks franchisees who want to own single or multiple units and/or bring an existing automotive repair site into the Fullspeed Automotive family. The franchisor’s flagship Grease Monkey and SpeeDee brands have well-established systems and business models – the first Grease Monkey opened in 1978, and the first SpeeDee opened in 1980. Both franchises made Entrepreneur magazine’s coveted Franchise 500 ranking in 2022.

FullSpeed Automotive emphasizes that franchisees do not need automotive industry experience. The company’s staff will train investors to launch and run their franchise efficiently. If franchisees have questions, help from the parent is constantly available. Future franchisees need to be energetic and possess strong people skills along with a commitment to being actively involved with their franchises even if they’re absentee owners.

Financial requirements include the following: Franchisees must have $150,000 to invest, and their credit scores must be at least 680. First responders, military veterans and multi-unit investors are eligible for a reduction in the $39,900 franchise fees. For more information on FullSpeed Automotive franchises, please visit and or call 1-800-364-0352.

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