GLO30 Skincare Expands to Orlando, with Territories Available Across U.S.

GLO30 Skincare Expands to Orlando, with Territories Available Across U.S.

Physician-Led Franchise Also Opening at Amazon’s Second Headquarters in Virginia

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Dr. Arleen Lamba founded GLO30 with the philosophy that everyone can have glowing skin – the “GLO” part of the name – through individualized treatments every 30 days, which is where the “30” comes in. “This is the inspiration behind our name, and the results of our skincare treatments are so impressive that one of our members has invested in a franchise in Orlando,” Lamba says.

GLO30 studios provide members with facials and other noninvasive proprietary treatments using medical-grade skincare products. GLO30’s state-of-the-art and proprietary artificial intelligence technology, GLOria, assists in tailoring treatments such as FreshGLO and NanoGLO Micro-Infusion Facials so that members can reach their skincare goals. More than delivering recommendations, GLOria acts as a health tracker to measure skin health.

Lamba established GLO30 in 2012 after struggling with her own skin as an adult. In pursuing treatments for herself, Lamba learned that skincare services were expensive and inconsistent, with sometimes-disappointing results. She saw the need for a reliable, effective skincare service that would fill the void between costly day spas and more-invasive treatments at medical clinics and med spas. “GLO30 studios represent an affordable middle ground for mainstream consumers. Our powerful treatments use fresh ingredients and provide results that keep members coming back for years,” Lamba says.

Dr. Arleen Lamba GLO30 franchise
Dr. Arleen Lamba

GLO30 Expands into Virginia, Florida

GLO30 currently operates four corporate locations, including the original site in Bethesda, Md., that serves as company headquarters. In July, GLO30 will start booking appointments for its newest studio at Amazon’s second headquarters in Arlington, Va. Another new site is set for Orlando, where longtime GLO30 member Dr. Aparna Sharma will open a franchise.

Sharma moved to Orlando four-plus years ago, but regularly returned to Maryland for GLO30 treatments. “No place in Orlando has the high-quality skincare services and trustworthiness of GLO30,” Sharma says. “I flew back and forth to Maryland to keep my skin staying healthy after I moved. Ultimately, I knew I needed to bring this to all of Florida, beginning with Orlando. GLO30’s master plan for franchisee success made my investment decision a simple one.”

Lamba says many entrepreneurs had expressed interest in starting GLO30 franchises in Florida, “but Aparna stood out from the crowd. When one of your members wants to invest in your growth, that means the formula works. We will thrive in Orlando.”

Fransmart Aids GLO30 Franchise Development

GLO30’s growth will be guided by Fransmart, a company that develops emerging franchise brands. Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe says GLO30 is enjoying a lot of positive buzz with entrepreneurs – and for good reason. “Dr. Lamba has refined the business to a level I’ve never seen before in 20 years of franchising,” Rowe says. “Her simple staffing model, standard of customer service and even the unit economics we’re seeing are the best in the space by far.” He predicts that “every major U.S. market will have a GLO30 within the next five years.”

GLO30 began franchising this year and has processes in place to open 1,000 units within 10 years, Rowe says. In Florida alone, GLO30 plans to open 25 locations. “We’re targeting the top 100 metropolitan statistical areas in North America, with an emphasis on areas with high foot traffic and within thriving communities,” he adds. “We’ve partnered with Kelly Silverman, one of the top agents with CBRE [a commercial real estate services group], to help franchisees find the highest profit- potential spots in their territories.”

Additional franchise agreements recently signed include locations in Columbia, MD with Real Housewives of Potomac star and long-time GLO30 member, Robyn Dixon, and Charlotte, NC with a dermatology sale representative, who sees GLO30 as the best investment opportunity in the skincare services market.

The subscription-based membership model keeps customers coming back for their FreshGLO Facial every 30 days.

Dr. Arleen Lamba, GLO30 Founder

Demographics and Revenue Streams

GLO30 members range from those in their 60’s that love the skin they’re in to 20-somethings who are just starting their skincare journeys. “Member demographics for individual studios will depend on their locations, but GLO30’s wide-ranging success proves that its business model can work anywhere,” Lamba says.

“The subscription-based membership model keeps customers coming back for their FreshGLO Facial every 30 days,” she says. “We also have three Boost Your GLO treatments designed for members to continue optimizing their results. We’ve found that most members are booking two appointments a month, one for the FreshGLO Facial included in their membership and then again for a Boost Your GLO treatment at an additional cost. Many buy at least a couple of products per visit.”

The varied services and recurring revenue are attractive to franchisees, who tend to be health professionals and savvy entrepreneurs. “They recognize that the model is optimized for efficiency and allows someone with no franchising experience, such as licensed physicians, to start their own business and build generational wealth,” Rowe says. The model can thrive in urban, suburban, corporate and tourist areas, he says, and allows for owner/operator, semi-absentee or absentee ownership as desired.

Staffing Efficiency, Franchise Support

Lamba says GLO30 is “designed to be as adaptable and efficient as possible so that we can scale across the country. The total staff needed depends on the size of the store, but in general, we have one medical director on staff, one esthetician per room, one manager per shift and a one- to two-person desk staff. That’s it.”

Even small studios can flourish. “GLO30’s franchisee store model is based off our Amazon location in Virginia, with four treatment rooms, a retail space and storage space,” Lamba says. “But if you take a look at our franchise disclosure document, we’re producing incredible numbers with locations as small as two treatment rooms, and we’re performing even better on larger floor plans. Start-up is relatively quick; it can take less than a year from the awarding of a franchise to opening the doors.”

GLO30 franchisees can be from various backgrounds, but all should be enthusiastic ambassadors for the brand. “The ideal franchisees will follow our successful system and become pillars in their communities. We want people who are fully committed to the brand, their staff and our loyal members,” Lamba says. To support franchisee success, the company provides its comprehensive GLO30 Master Plan for Success, which encompasses all staff training, operations support, marketing support, real estate assistance and more, she says. For more information about GLO30 franchise opportunities, please visit

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