From World Series Champ to Pokē Pioneer: Todd Stottlemyre’s Journey With Koibito Pokē

Former MLB Star Todd Stottlemyre Hits a Home Run with Koibito Pokē

The Former MLB Pitcher Shares His Winning Formula for Success in Sports and Business

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In 15 seasons as a Major League Baseball player — including three runs as a World Series champ — Todd Stottlemyre learned what it takes to build a winning team. “Winning or losing always comes down to people — both in sports and in business,” he says. He employs that people-centric focus along with the lessons he learned from his baseball career and applies them to the Koibito Pokē franchise, a build-your-own pokē bowl concept he acquired in 2019 and started franchising in 2021.

Stottlemyre is determined to be the best in the business and exudes optimism and excitement about every aspect of the franchise system. “Winning in business or sports is all about mindset,” he says. Hiring the right people and recruiting ideal candidates is priority No. 1 in Stottlemyre’s winning game plan. “We are much more interested in the person than the check,” he says.

He believes that it’s essential to position people in roles that set them up for success. He and his team continually look for ways to make business ownership simpler and more efficient. For example, the business model features a small footprint (900-1,500 square feet), an efficient labor model (only two employees needed per shift) and a healthy delivery business (22-30 percent of sales).

“My dad always told me that if you strive to be the best, then money will always knock at your front door.”

Todd Stottlemyre

Pokē: Not a Trend

Stottlemyre believes that Koibito Pokē offers the healthy food that the world needs. “Health is wealth. When you lose health, you lost it all,” he says. While most fast-food restaurants leave people feeling overstuffed and sluggish, the food at Koibito Pokē makes guests feel energetic and light on their feet.

Koibito Poke franchise

The Hawaiian-style bowls feature a fresh selection of bases, proteins, toppings, house-made sauces and more— all of which are the freshest and highest quality possible. “This is not a trend. For as long as I can remember, fish were swimming and vegetables were growing. These are the foods we need to fuel our bodies,” he says. “Koibito Pokē offers food options that cover every diet.”

Lessons from Mel Stottlemyre

Stottlemyre’s father (the late New York Yankees player and coach, Mel Stottlemyre), was a major influence in his life. “My dad always told me that if you strive to be the best, then money will always knock at your front door,” he says. That advice has inspired Stottlemyre to put his all in everything he does —first with his baseball career and now in making Koibito Pokē a big hit. His contagious enthusiasm and determination will surely put him in the major leagues once again. “I don’t just like this company … I love this company,” he says.

Pokē Popularity

The build-your-own-bowl concept has become a staple for people looking for healthy fast-food options. According to technavio, the global pokē market is predicted to grow by a CAGR of over 23% from 2019-2023.

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Koibito Cares

Koibito Poke franchise

Giving back is a big part of the Koibito culture. During the pandemic, the franchisor donated thousands of free meals to hospitals, fire stations and other first responders. That experience prompted the Koibito leadership team to make an official dedication to community service. They formed Koibito Cares, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm of Koibito Pokē which has already given tens of thousands of meals to those in need. “My father always told me, you cannot do well without serving others,” Stottlemyre says.

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