FranFund’s Family-Like Culture Empowers Franchisee Success

FranFund Franchise funding

A Passion for Small Business Ownership Drives the Franchise Funding Team

In every sense of the word, the FranFund team embodies an ideal family. They are welcoming, inclusive, thoughtful and they always have your back. When you’re in the company of the FranFund team, you know it. Whether it’s at a franchise show, on a call or through an email, the message they send is always clear: “We care about you.” The team values its relationships with franchise partners, clients and with each other. “We have shared goals and love to see each other succeed! We celebrate wins, lament losses, and it’s a homecoming when everyone is together,” says Sherri Seiber, president of the franchise funding company.

Helping others succeed as small business owners is the heart and soul of FranFund. “It is our great privilege to see thousands of franchise success stories. As a third-party administrator for clients using the ROBS program [401k Rollover for Business Startups], we see the growth over the length of the franchise agreement. Franchising is a quick start for entrepreneurs pursuing business ownership,” she adds.

Team members share Seiber’s passion for franchising and feel fortunate to work in a business where they can change lives for the better and collaborate with so many innovators. “I love franchising because I’ve met and worked with the most bad-ass people I know. It’s an avenue for entrepreneurs to get the support and recipe for success needed to be a business owner,” says funding consultant Christine Hansen.

A Winning Team

With a work-hard, play-hard culture, the FranFund team has made an impact on franchising because of who they are, as well as for what they bring to the table. They all agree that they are a winning team because they have similar values and goals and a genuine appreciation for each other. Funding consultant Jess LaBorde sums it up like this: “We are franchising’s ‘fun aunt.’ We talk big but always follow through with flair; no one will support you harder, and the party doesn’t start until we’ve arrived!”

Here, members of the FranFund team discuss franchising and the funding supplier’s culture.

Tera Thomas, Funding Consultant

FranFund Team

“I love the entire staff at FranFund, but our sales team is truly my family and some of my best friends. We support each other and cheer each other on. I’ve never been able to work with a group of people that I admire as much as I do our team.” 

Sherri Seiber, President

FranFund Team

“Franchising is like a big, small town. You see other franchising professionals at the annual IFA conference and other IFA events along with expos, broker conferences and more. At these events you make franchise friendships and become excited to see your friends while traveling.”

Brandon Lusk, Funding Consultant

FranFund Team

“The FranFund family feel is second to none. As a remote team member, I feel this the most when I travel and get to see colleagues. Step one is a hug hello, usually followed by gathering for a meal. If that’s not family, I’m not sure what is.”

Jess LaBorde, Funding Consultant

FranFund Team

“Being a part of franchising provides a sense of family and community in the best way. Having the opportunity to attend events throughout the year allows me to spend real quality time with the people we do business with and develop lasting friendships.”

Christine Hansen, Senior Funding Consultant

FranFund team

“Because we share a common goal, collaborate, and are connected personally and professionally at FranFund, we understand and respect each other’s role within the ‘family’ and know that we are better together.”

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