Franchise FastLane Launches CarPool Program

Franchise FastLane launches CarPool

The Innovative Program Brings Training, Tools, Support and Coaching to Emerging Franchisors

In 2023, Franchise FastLane launched “CarPool”, a coaching and administrative services program that franchisors can join to boost the franchise development programs of their new and emerging brands, or to continue and grow their development results as an established brand. This is a program that is perfect for franchisors who could use a helping hand in getting their franchise development programs on track. As the industry’s No. 1 franchise sales organization, we like to call CarPool a “franchise development solution for the many, not just the few!”

The Birth of CarPool 

This service was born out of necessity – which technically is the mother of all inventions. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for being highly selective in the brands we choose to work with. Every year, our team evaluates between 150-200 brands, looking for new and emerging stars that have potential, a well-defined value proposition, excellent key differentiators, and solid unit economics. Sometimes, though, it meant we had to decline exceptional candidates. Many of these franchisors were facing common challenges, and just needed a boost with sales support, training and ongoing development coaching to get to the next level. So, we decided to do something about it and created and successfully launched CarPool. 

Tenets of CarPool 

What do franchsiors get with the CarPool program? Our primary services include development coaching, infrastructure, franchise development setup and administrative support, designed to empower franchisors with the tools and resources needed to optimize their franchise development programs and get them to the next level of performance. Brands who choose to participate get the benefit of plugging into Franchise FastLane’s proven and trusted franchise development systems that have helped 10 brands reach acquisition. The knowledge gained by participating in our CarPool program puts brands in a position to be best-in-class, so that when leads come, they can easily convert into deals. Put simply, CarPool delivers all the Franchise FastLane value to franchisors while allowing them to keep a developer in-house.

Specific Benefits of CarPool

How do franchise brands benefit from participating in our CarPool program? By taking advantage of our proven and trusted systems, franchisors can:

  • Lower franchise development risk, saving time and money
  • Attract franchise leads that are pre-qualified financially
  • Manage franchise development progress through real-time KPIs, instead of gut instinct
  • Access to best-in-class technology platforms like an integrated CRM and territory mapping solution
  • Take advantage of background and credit check options
  • Eliminate unnecessary training and hard costs for administrative employees
  • Have 100% of leads contacted quickly and professionally
  • Provide consultants with lightning-fast territorial checks and a portal for 24/7 access
  • Take advantage of FDD receipt management and document preparation

CarPool MasterClass 

Included in CarPool is MasterClass, a program designed for brand founders and their developers to connect and learn together in guided sessions. Here, founders experience guided training that goes beyond the basics, allowing them to focus on the business and not in the business. CarPool founders are going through similar experiences while building their brand, so this is an opportunity to grow from one another. 

At its heart, CarPool is more than just training. It’s expert-level advice and access to tools and resources designed to help franchise brands reach that all-important next level of success. So, if your brand fits the profile and needs coaching and administrative support, we invite you to see what the CarPool service can do for your franchise development efforts. 

Are You Ready to Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

Franchise FastLane is the No. 1 Franchise Sales Organization (FSO) in the country and our mission is to responsibly drive extraordinary growth for the chosen few. If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of joining the FastLane or CarPool, please click here to submit an application. To keep up with all the latest happenings, make sure you follow us on LinkedIn, like us on Facebook, and check out our collection of photos on Instagram.

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Jesse Hudson has been in franchising for over 13 years. He started his career as the first corporate employee of a micro-emerging franchise in 2011, The Exercise Coach, when there were just four operating outlets. At first, he was responsible for franchise development and sales, as well as real estate, site selection and grand openings. In 2018, he became part of Franchise FastLane, continuing to drive franchise development for that brand. In his six years as a Development Director and then Senior Director, he awarded over 200 territories, and today The Exercise Coach has become a 200+ unit brand and the No. 1 franchise in its category.

Over the years, he and his wife, Amy, have become multi-unit franchisees and have received multiple awards, including Franchisee of the Year and part of the 7 Figure Revenue Club – executing on a semi-absentee, multi-unit model within The Exercise Coach system in the Minneapolis market.

In 2023, he was promoted to VP of CarPool to begin building a first-of-its-kind franchise development coaching and support program, continuing to focus on emerging franchisors who want to learn how to do development the right way, from the beginning. CarPool brings Franchise FastLane’s training, tools, support, and expert coaching to help franchisors grow their systems and recruit the right franchisees from the very beginning.
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