Franchise FastLane Launches Client-Focused MasterMind Program

Franchise FastLane Launches Client-Focused MasterMind Program

Franchisors Participate in Interactive Groupthink Sessions to Address Growth Challenges and Share Best Practices

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Great franchise brands are not born overnight; they evolve through a combination of strategic vision, consistent delivery of quality, and a deep understanding of customer and franchisee satisfaction. What sets good franchise brands apart from great ones is their ability to address challenges as they grow and set their franchise partners up for success.

At Franchise FastLane, we work to usher in what we call “Next Big Thing” franchise brands — the best brands across the country. They go beyond the ordinary, inspiring individuals to lead with a focus on growth. We are now helping those brands connect, learn from one another, and grow together. We are providing the platform, moderating the curriculum, and watching our brands grow together!

So, what is our latest initiative?

In the spirit of our vision to be the leader in franchise development in setting industry standards, we’ve launched the Franchise FastLane MasterMind program. These two-hour monthly meetings with the founders of our “Next Big Thing” brands allow them to work on the business and not just in the business. MasterMind participants take a deep dive into topics they’ve chosen for their groupthink sessions. After all, our tagline is “The Strategic Pit Stop.” The sessions are hosted by David Gullotti – who has extensive experience in helping franchisors scale their businesses to address today’s challenges, and yours truly.

Franchise Fastlane Mastermind program

We created three distinct groups of seven to eight brands, naming each one after performance vehicle manufacturers with a reputation for both speed and power – McLaren, Ferrari, and Maserati. The group size is purposefully kept small to facilitate full participation and each one includes a wide range of franchisor experience – from veteran to emerging brands. In the spirit of learning from one another, the discussion points come directly from our brands and address specific issues or topics. Here’s more about these innovative new groupthink sessions:

Interactive Groupthink Experience

Prior to the monthly MasterMind session, groups are assigned pre-meeting tasks, so they can come prepared to discuss topics in an interactive setting. One such example is the “Balance Wheel,” in which participants take a few minutes to rate several factors within their personal and professional life that may be off-balance – though there’s no requirement to share this information. These worksheets also include sections for “Sync Points,” specific issues they need to address with their teams, and a “Takeaways & Notes” section, where participants can develop a critical to-do list for any action items.

Franchise FastLane’s Mastermind Sessions

So far, the MasterMind sessions have covered quite a bit of ground on topics – all of which focus on the franchisor’s ability to work on their business, as opposed to working in their businesses. The suggested discussions held in previous sessions have included how to address underperformance among franchisors and franchisees, the onboarding process for new franchisees, training programs, and what the best role for each brand’s founder and/or CEO might look like.

Addressing Growth Challenges

As far as Franchise FastLane is concerned, the timing was perfect for developing a client-focused initiative. The MasterMind sessions allow our brand representatives to learn best practices from one another – which is especially helpful since they’ve all experienced similar challenges during periods of extraordinary growth. The MasterMind sessions have helped participants stop and think about the driving forces behind their systemic and operational successes to date and how they can continue improving on them.

We’re three months into the MasterMind Initiative and are receiving exceptional feedback for developing an innovative program that focuses on strategic thinking and supporting franchisors as they experience responsible, accelerated growth with Franchise FastLane. Read below some quotes from a few of the participants or WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:

  • “To be clear, you guys and FastLane are a “10.” No chance the other networks are doing this, and the concept is a 10 in my mind. This is a big deal and forces us to stop and think, which is great. John (co-founder) and I are big FastLane fans and sing your praises to all we can and glad we’re getting to meet more of the team.” —Adam Geisler, Co-Founder and CEO of Soccer Stars
  • “What a day! Thank you for your time and all the diligence in getting this program going! Wow, the binder and all the details are fabulous! I am so thankful you’re our guide! I am really excited about this group!” —Sarah Nuse, CEO of Tippi Toes
  • “Cyndi and David, great first call! I’m really looking forward to the next call and covering new content. David, you did an amazing job facilitating and I appreciate how everything was put together. If the group leans in, there is a lot all of us will walk away with from these sessions.” —Andrew Mengason, Chief Growth Officer of Five Star Bath Solutions & Five Star Franchising

About Franchise FastLane

Franchise FastLane is an accelerated turn-key franchise sales organization that works to perfect franchisors’ processes and bring quality leads. If you are a franchisor ready to grow your business to new heights, contact us today!. We are always looking for franchises to join our best-in-class brands, ones that will inspire life change for many!

If you’d like to explore what’s possible through franchise ownership, we invite you to reach out to Franchise FastLane to discover the 25-plus best-in-class brands in our portfolio of opportunities. Visit Franchise FastLane’s brands’ page to learn more about the business ownership potential in each of our top-notch family of franchise opportunities.

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Cyndi Kammerer serves as Director of Training & Support for Franchise Fastlane. She finds great fulfillment in onboarding new team members and has built The Vault, Franchise FastLane’s LMS for ongoing education and development. She leads the charge from the FastLane side with the MasterMind program. Kammerer resides in Omaha with her husband, Kurtis, and enjoys spending time with their family.
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