The Essential Steps for Physical and Legal Protection After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are severe and can lead to severe injuries than those from car accidents. Most truck accidents happen due to the drivers’ errors, such as drivers’ fatigue after driving long distances. Fatigue can make the driver drowsy as they drive or fall asleep on the wheel. Some laws limit the hours truck drivers can be on the road, but the truck companies do not comply with laws putting the drivers’ lives at risk. Failure to follow traffic rules like running red lights and driving at high speed is another common risk factor for truck accidents.

Truck accidents also commonly occur due to distractions. Some of the distractions that can lead to a truck accident include using their phone to call or text while driving or eating or drinking. A truck driver can also get distracted when adjusting the AC or radio or other people inside the truck like the co-driver. Some truck drivers also lack proper training and experience with trucks, making them more prone to cause road accidents. When you get in a truck accident, there are legal and physical steps that you should take, and they are in this article.

1.Get Medical Attention

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries, and sometimes these injuries can be fatal. One of the common injuries that people can secure after a truck accident is bone fractures that can take a long time to heal, and they can also cause a lot of pain. You can also get a spine injury after a truck accident. The severity of spinal injuries varies, and some can be mild while others can cause long-term disability. Some people also get injuries to internal organs, and these can be life-threatening injuries.

It is essential to always seek medical attention after a truck accident, even when you feel fine after the accident. If you or another person has an injury from the truck accident, call the emergency line, whether mild or severe. You and your passengers might have injuries that do not show symptoms immediately, and this is why you should always get medical attention after the accident.

As you wait for the medical team to arrive, you can do some basic first aid. For instance, if you are bleeding, you can apply some pressure on the bleeder with a clean cloth. You should also check the condition of the other occupants of the car and try to help them if you can. However, do not do something that you are sure of because you may cause more harm than good. For example, never try to move someone if you suspect that they have a neck or spine injury.

2.Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

Due to the high number of truck accidents in Michigan, some lawyers have specialized in dealing with these accidents. These lawyers are familiar with the Michigan trucking laws, making them qualified to deal with your case. When you get in a truck accident or someone close to you gets in such an accident, ensure that you contact a truck accident lawyer because they will help you get justice after the accident. The lawyer helps you get compensation for the losses you may have suffered after an injury, like physical pain, disability, and loss of employment.

There is some information that could help your lawyer to win a case. This information includes collecting some evidence from the scene of the accidents, like photos of the scene.

You can also note factors that could have contributed to the accident, like bad weather. If you can, get the contact information about the other driver, including their name, contact information, physical address, and driving license number. It is also essential to get their insurance company and policy number and the vehicle’s number plate. Identifying potential witnesses and getting their contact information will also help in your case.

3.Call the Police

In most states, the law states that you must call the police after an accident. One reason for contacting the police is that they will secure the accident scene by blocking this area. Securing the location reduces the traffic in this area and makes it easy for the emergency team to access the scene. The police will also investigate the events leading to the accident, including testing the drivers’ alcohol levels, and then write a report.

The police report is a crucial document that can help you if you want to take legal action against the other driver. This report can also help you when you are filing a claim with your insurance company for compensation. Always get the name and badge number of the police officer who investigates the scene and files the report from the accident because they will help you when you need the report.

In summary, truck accidents occur due to different reasons like driver’s fatigue, distracted driving, or drunk driving. These accidents can cause severe injuries that can be life-threatening. If you get in a truck accident, there are some steps that you should take. These steps include getting medical attention, calling the police, and contacting a truck accident lawyer.

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