Cyberbacker Franchisees Offer Stress-Busting Services for Business Owners


Franchise Supplies Virtual Assistant and Administrative Expertise Across Diverse Industries

Cyberbacker fills a huge array of virtual assistant and administrative needs across dozens of industries – 49 at last count. The thriving company matches appropriately skilled personnel with business owners overwhelmed with appointments, sales leads, recruiting, social media, accounting, e-commerce and all sorts of other tasks. And Cyberbacker is welcoming qualified franchisees with open arms. 

Jason Stowe, Cyberbacker’s vice president of franchise development, says Cyberbacker’s mission is “delegating time-intensive tasks to trustworthy people who will do those tasks and do them well.” He adds that “our unbelievable growth shows that we’re making a difference, and we’ll continue to innovate to help clients.” Cyberbacker currently has almost 3,500 clients scattered around North America.

“We achieved our growth goals for the year at an extremely fast pace and couldn’t have asked for a better reaction to our franchise opportunity,” Stowe says. “Our success – which was born in the real estate industry – proves that our business model works. We are confident that it will produce similar results for other industries, and we add to that industry list all the time.” These diverse industries are wide-ranging: advertising, construction, electronics, event planning, fashion, hospitality, insurance, law, logistics, real estate, tax services and more.

What Cyberbacker Assistants Do

Some of the services provided by Cyberbacker assistants are:

  • Creating, building, publishing and updating relevant content for all types of digital information providers, including web design.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Research.
  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO) by analyzing, reviewing and implementing websites to improve standings within search engine returns.
  • Assisting with advertising, business coaching, mergers, recruiting prospects, and gathering, following up on and qualifying leads. 
  • Identifying business activities that require changes in order to maintain compliance.
  • Managing both social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) and databases, including data entry.
  • Setting up and confirming appointments and managing calendars.
  • Facilitating real estate processes such as scheduling of showings, open houses, inspections, signings and appraisals; ensuring accurate and timely completion of home mortgage applications; and managing client contacts.
  • Managing investment properties, including serving as a liaison with tenants.
  • Overseeing hiring processes like postings on job boards, vetting candidates and tracking details about applicants. 
  • Handling server-side web application logic and integration of the work that front-end web developers carry out. These duties usually entail writing web services and application programming interfaces (APIs) used by front-end developers and mobile application developers.

Cyberbacker’s Roots and Process 

Based in Ogden, Utah, Cyberbacker originated from a happy firsthand experience by founder and CEO Craig Goodliffe. He was struggling with a heavy workload in real estate when he began using a virtual assistant and was wowed by the increase in his effectiveness and the decrease in his stress level. Goodliffe’s entrepreneurial antennae tingled with the idea of replicating his great experience on a larger scale. He founded Cyberbacker in January 2018.

Cyberbacker took its virtual assistant services to a new level in March 2021, when it began franchising. Franchisees operate as virtual outsourcing businesses. Through the franchisee’s networking and marketing, clients – people who run businesses – approach when they need help. Clients answer a few questions to pinpoint their requirements, which leads to the building of a job description. Then a Cyberbacker gets back in touch with each client to offer a pool of qualified candidates to fulfill the specified duties. The client then selects his or her preferred virtual assistant from the pool.

Cyberbacker aims to please, Goodliffe says. “If for any reason things don’t work out, we will match the client with someone else to ensure the best possible service.”

The brand has also implemented a profit-sharing program to give back to its Cyberbackers for all their hard work. Cyberbacker has shared more than $1 million since 2020 and $475,000 has been shared already this year.

Cyberbacker Franchises Available

To expand its reach and help its clients grow their businesses, Cyberbacker is looking for franchisees for territories in the United Kingdom as well as North America. The franchisor seeks influential business leaders who have large networks within their regions. Franchisees choose their specific market in their specific industry and then land client contracts within those parameters. Cyberbacker franchise owners should have at least five years of experience in their individual industries. 

New Cyberbacker franchisees will complete an initial training program made up of online modules and video conferencing, with up to two days required for completion. New franchisees are mentored by three support staffers with well-honed expertise in sales, onboarding and client relationships. The Cyberbacker franchise support team checks in with franchisees to ensure progress and is on call to answer questions and offer solutions when issues arise. A Cyberbacker franchise requires a total investment of $78,120 to $94,000. Candidates must have a minimum liquid cash requirement of $30,000. Their initial investment includes a $30,000 franchise fee; military veterans are eligible for a discounted franchise fee of $25,000. For more information about Cyberbacker’s franchise opportunities, email

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