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For Franchisee Seth Landry, It’s All About Helping People

The signature line of Seth Landry’s email says it all, “Impacting lives…one job at a time.” This is the mantra he lives by and what drives him to make a difference every day with his Express Employment Professionals franchise in Alexandria, Louisiana. 

Landry’s desire to help people is what led him to Express Employment Professionals. With a long career in staffing, Landry already knew about Express and considered it the “gold standard” in the industry.

Prior to investing in his franchise, Landry managed a staffing company. He loved the work, but after some time, the company’s vision didn’t align with his. “Life is short and we spend a lot of it working. You have to feel good about what you do,” he says. So once he decided to make a change, he went straight to Express to see if it was a viable option for him. 

A Franchise With Shared Values

Once Landry looked deeper into the franchise and met the corporate team, his fate was sealed. “I knew it was a great fit for me,” he says. “The corporate team shares my values to help others. The moral aspect of what Express does spoke to me.” 

Landry opened for business in January, 2020, so it didn’t take long for him to see how his business would do in the worst of times. “You might think that opening a staffing agency at the onset of a pandemic is a recipe for disaster, but the opposite was true,” he says. “A lot of businesses needed our help with specific COVID-related staffing needs,” he says.

 In fact, since Landry opened for business, he says he has met his sales goals every month. The pandemic also reinforced that his first impression of the corporate team was right.“Support has been amazing,” he says. “We have a developer whose sole focus is making us successful.”

One of the most pleasant surprises for Landry has been the culture between franchisees. “It’s very collaborative and has been extremely helpful in running the business,” he says. 

Initially, Landry and his mother ran the business with two other full-time staff people, but now they have a team of six and are planning to add another full-time recruiter. “We’ve grown a lot faster that I ever anticipated,” he says.

Not afraid to roll up his sleeves, Landry has spent a lot of his time developing relationships locally to build his business, and it has worked. “With the franchise’s proven system, you definitely reap the rewards of the work you put in,” he says. “We’re having no trouble finding business.”   


Recession-Resilient Franchise

The staffing industry stays strong despite market changes. Start-up costs are low, and there’s no inventory.

Community Impact

The average office places 600 job seekers each year and supports local outreach programs.

Family-Friendly Business

Express believes in helping franchisees succeed with 8 a.m.-5 p.m. office hours that provide optimal work-life balance.

Ideal Franchisee

Express Employment Professionals is looking for passionate leaders ready to invest in a full-time business. Here are qualities of an ideal candidate:

  • Sales/client service focused
  • Community-minded
  • Natural leader
  • High energy
  • Extroverted
  • Hands-on
  • Driven
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