City Wide Facility Solutions Promotes Troy Hartman to President

HW- Troy Hartman, City Wide Facility Solutions

Hartman Will Usher City Wide to its Goal of Becoming a Billion Dollar Company By End of 2026

City Wide Facility Solutions, a management company in the building maintenance industry, promoted Troy Hartman to president. With this role, Hartman will oversee the company’s growth. He previously served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and was promoted as City Wide aims to become a billion dollar company by the end of 2026. 

“I’m looking forward to driving growth and expansion for the company. When we look forward and think about what each of our franchisees will need to be doing I feel a great sense of responsibility to help them in the most scalable way,” Hartman said. 

Before joining City Wide, Hartman followed the Oddo family’s story. The family owns City Wide and is well-known in Kansas City’s business community. Inspired by their values and vision, Hartman joined the building maintenance company as COO in April 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. “The company had experienced significant growth over time and had come to an inflection point. The opportunity to grow the total number of franchisees and help the existing franchisees’ growth is something I am passionate about.”

Troy Hartman, City Wide Facility Solutions
Troy Hartman is the new president of City Wide Facility Solutions.

City Wide’s leadership team is thrilled for Hartman to take on this role. “When Troy joined us, it was at the beginning of the pandemic and I was hesitant to bring on another executive,” said Jeff Oddo, CEO and owner of City Wide. “But Troy said he wanted to be a part of the solution and has been able to guide us to double-digit growth each year during his tenure. I look forward to continuing to work with him on shaping our long-term vision.”

City Wide’s Notable Strides

City Wide has made notable strides since Hartman joined the company in 2020. For example, the company has grown from $392 million to $609 million annually. City Wide has also increased its number of North American locations from 67 in 2020 to 92 today. The brand has also focused on technology and increased its franchisee relations. “This is evident in our engagement and satisfaction survey scores,” he added.

Since 2020, City Wide has rebranded and moved to a new state-of-the-art facility. Additionally, the company’s leadership team as well as its planning processes and execution have improved. “Our franchise advisory council is now an active and critical sounding board for the company,” Hartman added. He believes that his previous experience prepared him for this role.

Hartman and Franchising

Hartman was an entrepreneur and worked at ExamOne, a science and medical services organization, for nearly two decades. While there, he helped grow the company’s revenue from $6 million to more than $125 million annually during an economic downturn. Prior to joining CIty Wide, he was Chief Executive Officer for Easy Agent Pro, a digital marketing platform. 

One of Hartman’s favorite aspects of the franchise industry is providing entrepreneurial-minded individuals the opportunity to grow and see them succeed. Hartman believes that small businesses are critical to the economy and provide jobs and opportunities. He has respect for entrepreneurs who take the initiative and risk of starting their own businesses and wants to help them achieve their goals.

For Franchisee Candidates

Hartman advises franchisee candidates to do research and ask questions. “There are so many concepts out there, [so] you can find the one that matches your profile, needs, expectations and skills. You want to make sure you are going to franchise with a company that has a strong and proven business model as well as established leadership that knows how to continue to adapt and improve.” He added that candidates shouldn’t forget their values and what they’re passionate about.

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