Annie Long Named Franchise Recruiting Manager of U.S. Lawns

Long Will Vet Qualified Candidates and Guide Them Through the Discovery Process

U.S. Lawns, a top commercial landscaping franchise, announced Annie Long as its new franchise recruiting manager. With this new role, Long will vet prospective candidates and guide them through the brand’s discovery process. She was most recently the franchise recruiting manager for Senior Helpers, a senior care brand. In addition to guiding prospects through the franchise’s discovery process, Long also managed Senior Helpers’ digital marketing. She will use her passion for helping others achieve their business goals in this new position with U.S. Lawns. 

In a statement, she said, “I’m thrilled to join a company that has built such a great culture and is committed to 100% franchisee satisfaction. I’m looking forward to onboarding amazing candidates who will uphold our company values and brand DNA.”

U.S. Lawns posted about Long’s new position on social media. “All of us at the home office are feeling very fortunate to welcome Annie Long to our team this month. She has hit the ground running the few short weeks she’s been with us and fully embraced her new position here at home office. Thrilled to have you, Annie!” the statement read. 

Annie Long, U.S. Lawns
Annie Long is the new franchise recruiting manager for U.S. Lawns. 

Long is passionate about the outdoors and felt that U.S. Lawns aligned perfectly with what she was looking for. “The team at U.S. Lawns has been a slam dunk!” she said. 

With her new position, she is most excited about joining a brand that she believes in and offers great support. “U.S. Lawns truly cares about their franchisees and is committed to having 100% franchisee satisfaction. I can’t wait to help this brand grow and find candidates that hold the same values and drive that we do at U.S. Lawns,” Long said. 

Her favorite part of the franchise industry is the network of people. “From franchisees, consultants, to franchisors I have met so many amazing people in this industry,” Long said. 

Throughout her career, Long has lived by the famous Wayne Gretzky quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” She believes that if you’re too afraid to ask or take a shot, you may miss out on a great opportunity. “This practice has led me to take deep strides in my personal life and career,” she said.

The Franchise Discovery Process 

When it comes to the franchise discovery process, Long enjoys getting to know each candidate and seeing what drives them. “My second favorite part is when candidates decide to become a franchisee and I get to celebrate this new adventure with them. That’s solid gold!” Long said.

In terms of advice for those who are going through the discovery process, Long said, “Feeling nervous about the decision is completely understandable, this is a life-changing event. It’s important to remember what has led you to wanting to own a franchise in the first place. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith.”

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