Aging population trends fuel growth for Home Helpers® Home Care franchise

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2020 marked an outstanding year in terms of performance for Home Helpers® Home Care. The franchisor’s growth for the past five years has been fueled by aging population trends and the increased awareness of home care as a solution for recuperative care and aging in place. 

Emma Dickison, CEO of Home Helpers®, says the demand for home care is only going to increase. “As the portion of families with full-time employment continues to grow, the ability of families to provide care has actually decreased. School and workplace demands on families often mean there isn’t anyone to help when a loved one has a newborn, or is recuperating from illness, or as parents age and require more attention,” shared  Dickison. “Home Care is essential to helping families navigate these situations. It provides the needed access to care in the most economical setting, in the comfort of one’s home.”

Home Helpers® Home Care franchisees have always benefited from their proven business model that supports four key markets, providing a diversified business opportunity, including:

  • Seniors
  • Individuals recuperating from illness or surgery
  • New and expectant moms
  • Individuals with life-long conditions

“COVID-19’s impact will continue to increase the need for Home Helpers for years to come,” explained Kimberly Demaree, Chief Performance Officer. “Pre-pandemic data from AARP showed that 90% of Boomers want to age in place; as horrific news of fatalities in long-term care agencies raged online and in daily news feeds, Americans’ desire to age at home only grew. When you couple this with the expected surge in medical care post-pandemic from both elective and needed procedures that have been put off due to COVID, we will also see a swell in demand for recuperative care as well. And, as more people experience how home care can provide the needed support, I believe preferences will change long-term.”

According to Dickison, “Home Helpers will always be essential as indicated by our satisfaction ratings and proven business model. We provide customized care wherever someone calls home and help people of all ages maintain their independence.” 

Recession Resilient

When the recession of 2008 occurred, Home Helpers® Home Care posted double-digit growth. The reason—there are many areas in which consumers can cut spending, entertainment, eating out, cable TV, but consumers will work hard to maintain essentials—like home or rent costs, childcare, education, and home care.

Home Helpers® Home Care is essential to the independence our clients wish to retain.

Home Helpers® In-Home Care allows people to safely age in the comfort of their home.

COVID-19’s Longer-term Impact on Healthcare

Data from a recent article in Health Affairs indicates the likelihood of a post-COVID healthcare crisis due to missed appointments, postponed medical attention, and delayed surgeries. Estimates include:

A 40% decrease in outpatient visits.

Deficits in well-childcare, routine vaccinations, behavioral health, and elective surgery are higher still.

Patient surveys suggest it is unlikely that anywhere near this volume of care will be made up any time soon.

 A consumer survey conducted in early May found that only 31% of respondents felt comfortable visiting their doctor’s office and 42% had canceled or delayed physician visits because of the coronavirus.

Another survey conducted in mid-May found that nearly 50% of the public skipped or postponed healthcare due to the pandemic, and three in 10 of those skipping care had no plans to seek it shortly.

A June poll conducted after the first bulge in cases had subsided found that, in the event of a health emergency, almost 23% of individuals would not feel comfortable going to an emergency room and that if they had to get care, 77% preferred a location not connected to a hospital.

This swell of missed and postponed care is expected to create increases in life-long conditions. 

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