Propelled Brands Prioritizing Support to Those Who Have Protected Our Country

The heroes who have fought for our country have protected our rights as citizens of the United States of America, and at one time or another have put their lives on hold, and at risk, to protect our nation. As many have worked their way back into society following their time with one of the six branches, it’s critical we recognize their service and show appreciation as much as possible.

Propelled Brands, a newly formed corporate umbrella set to focus on operating and growing service-oriented franchises, has kept Veterans and first responders top of mind with the special incentive offered for both its FASTSIGNS and NerdsToGo opportunities. The leader mentality and management techniques make Veterans great franchisees which is why those who have served for our country, or work as paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, sheriffs or firefighters receive a 50 percent reduction on the franchise fee for either concept, coming to savings of $24,875.

With many Veterans seeking out ways to utilize the leadership skillsets they’ve developed through their time in the armed forces, the incentive has assisted a plethora of former American soldiers in accomplishing their goal of becoming a business owner. FASTSIGNS and NerdsToGo are looking to maintain this high-level of support to set franchisees up for success right out of the gate.

When Steve Adrian, a retired Army musician, researched the best franchises for Veterans, he said FASTSIGNS stood out among the rest. He then began the process, and when starting off he realized that his career in the Military and owning a business are similar because they are both lifestyle careers. His background prepared him to be efficient and dynamic to get the job done well. Both him and his wife are owners of a FASTSIGNS location in Lynchburg, Virginia, where they wanted to move after Adrian’s Military career came to a close.

“After finishing 20 years in the service, my wife and I were looking for new business opportunities. FASTSIGNS was looking to develop in the territory we wanted to live in, so it gave us an opportunity to have some freedom while owning our own business,” said Steve Adrian. “FASTSIGNS provides excellent support and if we ever had a question or concern, we can just pick up the phone and they’ve got an answer for us, so that network has been invaluable. We had no prior sign or marketing experience and in our first year of business, we exceeded the average for first-year centers by 60 percent.”

Army Veteran Darrin Lawrence is another FASTSIGNS franchisee who desired to apply the experiences and skill sets he acquired while serving in the Military to forge a promising business venture. Like Adrian, through his preliminary research, Darrin acquired information about the franchise business model and eventually stumbled upon FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

While he didn’t have knowledge on the signage industry, he loved that the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity had a proven track record of helping Veterans go into business for themselves, and standing alongside them every step of the way, ultimately allowing them to create a fulfilling life and career. Fast forward to today and Lawrence owns and operates a FASTSIGNS center in Richardson, Texas, alongside his wife, Mary.

Lawrence was also impressed by the amount of support FASTSIGNS’ franchisees receive. He was confident that as he grew his business, FASTSIGNS would always provide the necessary resources.

Adrian and Lawrence are two of the many examples of Veterans who did their due diligence and found a franchise that provides incentives and supports Veterans. This has allowed them to become tremendously successful in their years as a franchisee.

As Propelled Brands continues to grow its portfolio of concepts, even more resources will be available for prospective franchisees interested in joining one of the successful franchise systems. Currently 11% of FASTSIGNS and NerdsToGo franchisees are Military Veterans and have been key contributors in building the concepts to where they are today.

After opening nine centers in quarter one, FASTSIGNS remains an attractive concept as it looks to sign at least 35 franchise agreements, targeting Southern California, the Midwest, New England, and along the Northeast Corridor.

FASTSIGNS is particularly focusing on its co-brand and conversion programs, which help existing business owners add a FASTSIGNS to their store or fully convert their business to a FASTSIGNS franchise. FASTSIGNS has helped countless owners of print shops, photography studios, camera stores, embroidery shops, and more, diversify their product lines and services to meet the growing demand for signs, graphics, and visual communications.

As more and more offices shift to consistent remote work, Veterans who are ending their service with an information technologies background are primed to take an interest in NerdsToGo. The franchise, which was recently acquired by Propelled Brands, offers a variety of consumer and B2B services including business consulting, commercial virus removal, spyware, and more. The brand is aiming to sell 30 franchises nationwide in 2021 as part of its plans to grow the brand’s footprint in new and existing markets. With a long-term goal of growing to over 500 locations, the company is seeking expansion in markets that serve more than 100,000 people.

For information about either the FASTSIGNS or NerdsToGo franchise opportunities, contact Mark Jameson ( or 214-346-5679).

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