A Unique Menu of Services Boosts Pulse Performance’s Growth

Pulse Performance Franchise Body Scan

The Health and Wellness Franchise Combines EMS Technology with Complementary Self-Care Treatments

Pulse Performance is experiencing a growth spurt and plans to expand its unique menu of wellness and self-care services. The brand has been actively recruiting franchisees for about a year and CEO JD Busch expects coast-to-coast expansion before the end of 2023.

Busch, who founded Pulse Performance in 2021, says “we’re very excited about the new studios that are opening this year. We’re riding a nice wave of momentum right now, and we’re not taking our foot off the gas.”

Pulse Performance also has been busy making plans for the membership-based franchise to broaden its market appeal with additional wellness services that will enhance its current offerings. “We will start testing various types of hi-tech spa and massage services in the fourth quarter of this year,” Busch says. Both will mean new revenue streams for franchisees.

The Market for Self-Care

Pulse Performance Franchise
Pulse Performance’s signature wellness services include infrared therapy, a treatment that can help stimulate skin regeneration, cellular health, tissue development and weight loss.

Pulse Performance is the only franchise that offers EMS Technology with a comprehensive menu of wellness treatments. In addition to EMS Training, Pulse Performance‘s wellness menu includes infrared therapy, sculpting treatments, 3-D body scanning and nutritional guidance. Pulse Performance members enjoy coming in for multiple services that enhance each other. For example, after an EMS Training session, a guest can relax and recharge with infrared therapy. Busch added infrared therapy to the Pulse Performance model because of its many benefits that align with the growing demand for self-care. These include weight loss, detoxification, recovery, pain relief and relaxation. “We see tremendous potential in the self-care market,” says Busch.

Busch’s strategy is a smart one. Americans spend billions of dollars a year on self-care, which is as hot a term in pop culture as it is in doctor’s offices, where advice for decreasing stress and increasing quality of life is often on the agenda. Everydayhealth.com states that “self-care includes everything related to staying physically healthy — including hygiene, nutrition and seeking medical care when needed. It’s all the steps an individual can take to manage stressors in his or her life and take care of his or her own health and well-being.”

Even the federal government endorses self-care, which the National Institute of Mental Health defines as “taking the time to do things that help you live well and improve both your physical health and mental health. … Self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase your energy.” Anyone who has indulged in a professional massage or facial can attest to the relaxation of the experiences. “We are a wellness studio. All of our services work together to provide the best plan and get the best wellness results for our clients,” he says. 

Wellness and self-care overlap, but they’re different. The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving one’s full potential. It encompasses lifestyle, mental and spiritual well- being, and the environment; it’s multicultural, positive, affirming and holistic; and it “contributes to living a long and healthy life,” according to the institute. The National Center for Biotechnology Information adds the postscript that wellness is an active, conscious, self-directed process.

Pulse Performance’s Wellness Services

Pulse Perfomance franchise
Pulse Performance offers EMS Training, nutritional guidance and personalized workouts. 

Pulse Performance’s signature wellness services include electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapies. Busch became a believer in EMS technology when he used it during his recovery from a broken neck. But Pulse Performance isn’t a one-trick pony. Its studios also offer infrared therapy, nutritional guidance and personalized workouts. Here’s an overview of the brand’s four core services that help clients reach their wellness and self-care goals:

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training

EMS training is designed to build strength and endurance. Clients wear special suits with electrodes for muscle stimulation during these 20-minute EMS sessions. The process aims to enhance heart and lung function as well as muscle power. Even seniors and clients doing rehab can undertake this low-impact training.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting, which uses a non-invasive electrical muscle stimulation device to target troublesome areas such as buttocks, thighs and abdomen during half-hour sessions to tone and tighten.

Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy, which is known to stimulate skin regeneration. Pulse Performance also harnesses the technology to help clients who seek to improve cellular health and lose weight, along with other wellness goals.

3-D Body Scanning

Pulse Performance Franchise

3-D body scanning provides a visual baseline analysis for clients as they begin their programs. Subsequent scans let clients see and be encouraged by their progress. The franchise says its scans have “medical grade accuracy.”

Pulse Performance is attractive to entrepreneurs as well as to its time-pressed, results-oriented clients. A franchise requires just 1,500 square feet to serve its clients, who purchase memberships at multiple levels. Operating costs are low, and investors will need between $350,000 and $650,000 to cover start-up costs. Pulse Performance is now offering 3 units for a $100,000 franchise fee — $50,000 in savings — and 1/2 off 1st-year royalties for new studios that open this year.

For additional information on the Pulse Performance franchising opportunity, visit PulsePerformanceFranchising.com.

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