With the Teriyaki Madness Restaurant Sherpas program, franchisees don’t have to go it alone

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TMAD offers an innovative way to help new franchise owners get started

Whether you’re climbing Mount Everest or investing in a franchise, it’s good to have some help along the way. Although they are completely different challenges, both can be made easier with someone who carries the weight for you, and that’s the premise behind Restaurant Sherpas. 

Teriyaki Madness (TMAD) CEO, Michael Haith, had a vision for helping TMAD franchise owners get started and for absentee owners to be completely hands off. Haith’s idea was inspired by popular hotel chains that have a similar structure. “Take a look behind the desk of any mainstream hotel, and you’ll probably see a sign that says ‘managed by…,’” Haith says. “Hotels have been using management companies for years, so why can’t franchise owners?” 

Restaurant Sherpas acts as a district/area manager, making sure the crew, the profitability, and the shop meet franchisor guidelines and are run efficiently and to the franchisee’s specs. Haith calls it “a friends-with-benefits relationship.” 

Restaurant Sherpas starts managing as soon as the franchisee needs the services, whether that’s when the Franchise Agreement is signed or after the shop is open. 

About Restaurant Sherpas 


Restaurant Sherpas acts as area or district managers and recruits quality business coaches who oversee employees.

Financial Reporting

Restaurant Sherpas provides transparent reporting into the financial performance of the shop, develops action plans to address opportunities, and creates business plans for future growth.


Restaurant Sherpas handles the daily operations of the shop ensuring every guest receives a great experience. Restaurant Sherpas also manages the profitability of the shop and carries out the goals and objectives established by the franchisee.


Restaurant Sherpas’ marketing team manages the franchisee’s entire marketing plan. With an absentee owner, the marketing efforts are managed outside the four walls to create brand awareness in the trade area.

Real Estate & Site Selection

Restaurant Sherpas finds the right site with the characteristics that will contribute to a successful TMAD shop.


The Restaurant Sherpas’ development team manages the construction bid process, provides real-time construction milestone updates, and helps coordinate all communication throughout the building of the shop.

Ongoing management

Working on a year-to-year contract basis, Restaurant Sherpas works closely with the franchisee and shop manager to provide tools, systems and turnkey programs that help grow the business. 

Hiring & Training

Restaurant Sherpas handles the recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training for a TMAD shop, including the development of the team on an ongoing basis.  

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