Why Veterans and Franchisees Make a Perfect Pair

Veterans tend to leave the military with a set of skills that uniquely matches with business ownership, making entrepreneurship a popular post-military career path. Franchising in particular requires many core qualities that veterans embody due to their experience, such as discipline, dedication, appreciation for processes and systems, and perseverance, making for a smooth transition from one field to the other. In fact, according to Franchise Help, approximately one in seven franchises in the United States are owned by veterans. To that point, VetFran reported that a whopping 97% of surveyed franchisors say that veterans make excellent franchisees.

Both veterans looking for their next career path and franchisors looking for qualified candidates should consider one another for many reasons, including a few of the key points below.

Mission Focused

The training gained from a career in the military carries over seamlessly to franchising, equipping veterans to be mission-focused and understand how to succeed with the resources at hand. Similar to the service, successful business owners work toward “accomplishing a mission,” whether it be their overall goal for their business or meeting and exceeding client expectations on an individual basis. Veterans are often driven to accomplish both smaller tasks as well as focus on a mission bigger than themselves – to protect our country and its citizens. Franchising also provides the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself – whether that be partnering with a nonprofit or gaining exposure for the brand as a whole – while still being responsible for the success of your own business.

Additionally, military training provides veterans with an understanding of how to break down complexities into easy-to-understand concepts in order to meet expectations or accomplish a mission – a mindset that is helpful to gain and maintain loyal customers in business.

Team Mentality

Veterans tend to be highly motivated, possess a strong team mentality and understand the qualities it takes to be a leader. When you’re a franchisee, you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself, meaning you have an entire franchise system behind you for support. Franchisors put in time, money and effort in order to provide quality training and operational support to its franchisees, and the training that veterans have gained from the military often further simplifies the franchisee training process.

For example, Delta Restoration Services’ comprehensive training and corporate support team, comprised of the top in the industry experts in the areas of marketing, mitigation, reconstruction, financial, operations and leadership, put our franchise owners in the top one percent of all restoration companies nationwide. Veterans who invest in Delta Restoration Services often remain a step ahead in the training process by already exceeding expectations of leadership skills, strong team mentality and process-oriented mindset.

Following a process

An established franchisor has proven processes in place in order to lead their franchisees to success. It’s important to franchisors that their franchisees follow these processes in order to keep the franchise system running smoothly as a whole. Veterans understand that following procedures and executing proven systems are critical to accomplish a mission – a valuable mindset that is taught in military training. This type of appreciation for proven processes allows veterans to smoothly transition from their military background to business ownership, especially as franchisees. Even in the case that a veteran has no experience in the field he or she is entering, he or she is already on the path to success by possessing the ability to run a business under a tight operating system.

With franchising simplifying the transition into business ownership for veterans and franchisors finding qualified candidates ready to implement their proven processes, veterans and franchisors have a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, a number of franchises offer financial incentives to veterans as a way of showing their support to those who have served. With a mission focused and highly motivated attitude, as well as a team mentality and valuable leadership skills, veterans often make excellent franchisees for several different industries. That’s just a few reasons why veterans and franchises go hand-in-hand.

Michael Mastous is the president and founder of Delta Restoration Services. Mastous has nearly 30 years of experience in the restoration industry and has played a pivotal role in the success of two franchises. It was with these two firms where Mike first saw the need for a full-service property restoration concept and began planning for what is now the award-winning and fast-growing Delta Restoration Services franchise system. 

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