Why Invest in a Gutter Business?

Contractor Nation CEO Larry Janesky Shares the Benefits of the Gutter Shutter Business Opportunity

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Gutter problems can be a major headache for homeowners. Homes are at risk for major damage when a gutter system doesn’t drain properly, gets backed up, or has stopped working.

In the U.S, 98% of basements are affected by water damage at some point during their lifetime. Erosion, foundation damage, landscape disruption, and much more can impact homes without the proper precautions. Not surprisingly, most homeowners would rather take preventative steps to avoid these issues than suffer the consequences. The gutter industry is projected to be a $6 billion market by the end of 2022. 

Gutter Shutter’s all-in-one gutter guard system offers a preventative solution for homeowners and an in-demand business opportunity. Gutter Shutter dealers take advantage of a recession-resistant industry and the company’s strategic partnership with Contractor Nation, a network created for home improvement and service contractors to grow and thrive.

Gutter Shutter
Gutter Shutter dealers receive in-depth training from Contractor Nation, a network created for home improvement and service contractors to grow and thrive.

Here, Contractor Nation founder and CEO Larry Janesky shares the benefits of Gutter Shutter. Janesky is an expert in teaching contractors how to generate growth for their businesses. As an author, acclaimed speaker, inventor, and owner of over 30 private companies, Janesky has more than 30 years of industry knowledge and real-world accountability.

What sets Gutter Shutter apart as a business opportunity? 

There are a lot of gutter franchise options out there, but Gutter Shutter is different because it’s not a franchise. Every Gutter Shutter dealer is a privately owned business supported by more than 30 years of contracting experience. In fact, Gutter Shutter is the 10th product division offered by Contractor Nation, the country’s largest network of home service and home contracting companies. Through Contractor Nation, Gutter Shutter dealers are offered exclusive territories, hands-on training at our 55,000- square-foot training facility, sales and production support, access to world-class digital and traditional marketing services, and more. Included for all Gutter Shutter dealers is Contractor Nation’s School of Entrepreneurship — the only comprehensive school to teach leaders of home repair/improvement companies to build teams and implement the right systems to scale profitably.       

What sets Gutter Shutter apart from the customer’s perspective?

The most important distinction about Gutter Shutter is simply its capacity and strength. Gutter Shutter gutters are an inch wider than standard gutters on the market, meaning they are able to hold 20% more water. Plus, the wide-mouth downspouts can accommodate four times the amount of water than a traditional downspout. This makes Gutter Shutter the most effective water management system on the market. We also have the strongest gutters and brackets in the industry. The brackets support the back, front and hood of the gutter, while the gutters themselves are designed to never sag, never pull away from the home, and remain laser straight. With the extra water capacity, unmatched durability, and of course the no-clog guarantee, these are the best gutters a customer can purchase. Not to mention, it looks like crown molding on the home!

Gutter Shutter
Gutter Shutter gutters are an inch wider than standard gutters on the market and hold 20% more water. The company says it offers the strongest gutter system in the world.

What would you like people to know about Gutter Shutter?

The gutter industry is projected to be a $6 billion market by the end of 2022. With a booming housing market and homeowners investing in their properties like never before, the opportunity provided by Gutter Shutter is unmatched. Plus, Gutter Shutter has the tools to help dealers grow and achieve their personal and professional dreams by being a division of Contractor Nation, a network of 450-plus home service and contracting companies that have been helping local contracting businesses grow for more than 30 years. Dealers also have access to Contractor Nation’s elite Treehouse Marketing Group to dominate online and offline marketing, regardless of their experience with marketing. 

Please share insights on Gutter Shutter’s position in the home services market.  

Gutter Shutter is consistently ranked among the best gutter systems on the market in areas of reliability, strength and capacity. When onboarding a new dealer, we’re consistently told the No. 1 reason they’ve chosen Gutter Shutter is because of Contractor Nation’s expertise in home services, followed by having the best products and best practices, and of course our commitment to providing  amazing service to every customer and employee. This is what has helped us achieve brand domination in multiple networks and what has catapulted Gutter Shutter to being the top water management solution in the industry.

Why Gutter Shutter?

Gutters are a growing industry

The gutter industry will be a $6 billion dollar industry by the end of 2022, and gutter protection systems are the fastest-growing sector. 

The perks of a franchise in a business opportunity

Gutter Shutter offers exclusive territories for its dealers. After the dealer agreement and equipment purchases, investors are ready to begin. Even though Gutter Shutter is not a franchise, the company offers training and support from an experienced team that has been in the business for more than 30 years.

Working with Contractor Nation

Gutter Shutter dealers work exclusively with Contractor Nation, a network created for home improvement and service contractors to grow and thrive

For more information, visit www.guttershutter.com

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