Why Booking Data Is the Key to Your Business

Imagine this: it’s a slow time in your salon, and you’re thinking of ways to boost your client list. Maybe a dazzling direct marketing campaign can help, or maybe a printed flyer passed around your neighborhood. But what you’re really missing out on is all the key points your data can provide, including current customers, average cost of acquisition and retention and overall profits. It sounds nice, but most marketers aren’t sure how to utilize their data. Today’s your lucky day; I’ll dive into it below.

How to Utilize Booking Data for Revenue Growth

Having a client database is vital to generate profits, increase loyalty among existing customers, and attract new ones. Data makes it easier to retarget individuals with personalized marketing. Having a summer promotion around haircuts and coloring? Take a look at the people who normally visit you for these appointments, and send them a message (email, text, direct mail), to let them know about it. Even if this doesn’t result in a direct appointment, it keeps your business top of mind so in the future they might remember to book with you instead of your competitors.

Personalization is also key here. Clients want to feel as if their stylists understand and care for their needs. So create a client profile, and list everything you know about them in it. This can include name, phone number, address, email, birthday, etc. That way, when Susan walks in for her monthly eyelash extensions, a quick glance at her profile can reveal her preferences and interests. Who knows, you might be able to upsell her on additional services your salon offers.

Loyalty Points Are the Holy Grail of Databases

Maybe you have a loyalty program in place, or maybe you’re in the middle of creating one. But for those who are serious about utilizing booking data, a loyalty program is key. It’s beneficial for repeat customers, who exchange their points for services, and beneficial for salons to determine how customers are interacting with the brand. Is there a particular time-frame when points are cashed in most often? Or a notorious slow period for your location? If so, creating bonus points incentives can increase the amount of foot traffic in your door. And the information gathered from the customers who come in during these times can help you figure out how and when to best retarget them.

The Inevitable Missed Appointments

No-shows and late clients are an inevitable part of running a salon. And unfortunately, those who miss appointments without calling to cancel are not only wasting a stylist’s time, but also preventing the salon from filling the day with revenue-generating appointments. Fortunately, there are a few ways to combat the effect of no-shows. Clearly state your late or cancellation policy on your website, physical location, social media pages and in any additional means necessary. Additionally, have a clear database of when your clients should be coming in next, and their contact information. In the case of a no-show or cancelled appointment, you can easily reach out to those customers to gauge their interest in taking that spot. Without utilizing your data, you can potentially be losing out on thousands of dollars to no-shows and cancellations.

Tips for Building a Strong Database

Group your clients in a way that makes sense for everything in your salon. A database is only beneficial if it’s useful. Do you have a group of individuals who only come in during the holidays? Put them into their own section, and send a personalized email blast to them leading up to their normal appointment date. Or for customers who all use the same stylist, keep the stylist’s schedule on hand so you can quickly reach out to those people to book appointments.

Booking data can also greatly increase your profits and bottom line. Having a booking platform in place makes it easier to keep track of your clients, and an automated algorithm can ping people when it’s time for their next appointment. By utilizing the data at your fingertips, you’re one step closer to being the go-to beauty salon for your customers.

Corey Kossack, CEO & Founder of Frederick, is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. Prior to Frederick, Corey was Director of Dell for Entrepreneurs, where he led Dell’s efforts to discover startups building the next generation of data-driven business applications. At Frederick, Corey leads the charge to bring Frederick to thousands of small businesses worldwide.


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