When COVID-19 Struck, PuroClean was Ready to Serve

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This PuroClean Franchisee Helped His Community Through Testing Services and More

As a Seattle, Washington PuroClean franchise owner, Bob Jordan was on ground zero in the Coronavirus crisis. He and his team were well prepared to manage the new demand for virus cleanup and testing services. “With Washington having some of the first cases in the U.S., there have been a lot of jittery people in our community. It feels great to help with an excellent service. My customers have been extremely grateful,” he says. 

Although Biohazard cleanup is just part of the services Jordan’s business normally offers, they received an influx of clean-up requests in response to COVID-19. “We knew what to do right away,” he says. “We were already trained and had the proper equipment and materials to handle the work.” 


Managing a team of 12 people (pictured above), Jordan has a crew of six out in the field and another six working in the office, including his daughter Melissa Wittig. They all have been incredibly impressed with the company’s communications through the crisis. “The corporate team has gone above and beyond what’s expected, by keeping us in the loop on supply chain updates, operations, marketing initiatives, and have kept the messaging upbeat to lift our spirits” says Wittig. “They have done way more than expected.”

Jordan is in his element as a PuroClean franchise owner. The retired aerospace engineer did his due diligence when searching for a franchise business. “For me, there needs to be personal congruency in what I do. PuroClean offered that for me.” he says. Jordan loves to serve people in need, and being on call 24/7 is part of that. “It’s not for everyone, but it fits me as a person,” he says.  

Having a strong operations background, Jordan enjoys the hands-on, equipment-heavy environment. “I’m not someone who likes sitting at a computer all day,” he adds. 

Adding Value

Jordan’s leadership skills and operations background has been an asset to PuroClean system-wide. As the company was making an operations plan to handle the COVID-19 crisis, Jordan gave his input and contributed to the guidelines. “We are all working towards the greater good. I am happy to add value where I can,” he adds. Teamwork is part of PuroClean’s culture and that was another reason Jordan chose the brand. “We are a network of people with various skill sets. The corporate team recognizes that and values our input,” he says. 

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