Veterans Honored With Special Franchise Program

Grease Monkey International has partnered with the International Franchise Association and VetFran to help veterans transition from military service to successful franchise business owners. The Grease Monkey® Special Veterans Program provides incentives to qualified veterans interested in starting a new career in the automotive maintenance business.

Ralph Yarusso, Senior Vice President of Operations and Business Development at Grease Monkey International, along with the management team, developed the program largely as a way to show appreciation for the dedication and commitment of veterans who have served their country. As an Airforce veteran himself, he knows fist-hand the importance of having a career path when reentering civilian life.

“A program like this simply makes sense for both the veteran and the franchisor,” says Yarusso. “A military background has already helped develop many of the traits necessary to operate a successful business – drive, discipline, structure, teamwork, leadership, and determination. These same qualities are what we see in an ideal franchisee candidate. They’re a great fit for the Grease Monkey System.”

The Grease Monkey® System

Grease Monkey centers provide preventive maintenance and light mechanical repair services that help customers meet their vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty requirements. Grease Monkey franchise owners enjoy a proven system and business model, honed since 1978. The process offers a flexible approach, so franchisees can customize their facility and menu of services for a specific market and investment profile.

Grease Monkey franchisees are motivated and self-disciplined, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, much like those who serve in the armed forces. And, much like in the military, a franchise owner has a detailed plan to follow, ongoing training, and the support of an operations team dedicated to ensuring their success.

“Grease Monkey is a good fit for Veterans because the overall system provides you with the processes and procedures that you need while allowing you flexibility in many aspects of how you run your business,” says Tim Davidson, Grease Monkey Franchisee and US Army veteran.

The Grease Monkey System is designed to guide franchisees through every aspect of running a profitable automotive maintenance business. Training is pivotal to the success of any goal. The military is based on it and veterans not only embrace training, but many times their lives depend on it. As a franchise owner, your business life will certainly depend on training. Grease Monkey franchisees not only receive extensive start-up training, but have access to regular and ongoing instructor led classes and online courses for the entire team.

In the military, teamwork is fundamental to execute any mission. Grease Monkey franchisees can count on the diligent and disciplined support from their corporate team, regional representatives, and fellow

franchisees to help them achieve their mission – building their business. The characteristics that help veterans excel in the military – commitment, dedication, loyalty, and responsibility – will contribute

to their success as business owners, employers, supporters, and good citizens in the communities they now serve.

The Grease Monkey® Special Franchise Program for Veterans Grease Monkey International is proud

to offer qualified veterans incentives to help them achieve the American dream of owning their own business:

    • 33% ($10,000) Discount on initial Franchise License Fee
    • 50% Quarterly Royalty Rebate for the first 4 quarters after opening
    • 25% Quarterly Royalty Rebate for the second 4 quarters
    • 10% Quarterly Royalty Rebate ongoing compliance program

If you are a veteran who would like to be your own boss, in a system that not only leverages what you learned during your military service, but with the support of a team dedicated to your continued success, a Grease Monkey franchise might be right for you.

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