USA Insulation Franchisee Chris Paxson Turned His Dreams Into Reality

USA Insulation franchise

The Low-Cost Franchise Offered a Solid Business Opportunity With Room to Grow

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Chris Paxson has had an entrepreneurial spirit as long as he can remember. He did yard work for neighbors as a kid and, during his time in corporate America, he always had some type of side hustle. Paxson regularly spoke to contractors and farmers as part of his banking and sales career and longed for the lifestyle they had. “They always seemed happier. I didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day. I wanted the freedom and flexibility they enjoyed,” he says. In his quest for a better lifestyle, Paxson turned to franchising. He wanted a proven system with minimal risk, but with more flexibility than his 9-5 job.

He explored a number of home services franchises, including painting, garage flooring and deck maintenance, but ultimately landed on USA Insulation because of its niche market and group of owners. “I really liked the people behind the franchise — that helped me make the decision,” he says.

USA Insulation Franchise

A Solid Business

“I wasn’t looking for something sexy,” he says. “I wanted a solid business that I could grow and someday leave to my family.” Paxson is well on his way to building an insulation empire. After investing in USA Insulation Tri-State (serving neighboring parts of West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland) in January 2021, he invested in three more territories. He started with six employees but plans to hire more as each location opens. “I am motivated to grow something really big,” he says.

As the father of a 1-year-old, Paxson is excited for the life he is making for his family as well as for his employees and their families. “It’s so rewarding to invest in my team. I love creating opportunities for them.”

USA Insulation franchise
Franchisee Chris Paxson (with wife, Alexis, and daughter) is driven to grow his USA Insulation business into a large-scale operation. He uses a commercial storage facility to house trucks and equipment.

USA Insulation’s Leadership Team

Wes Sattler, director of franchise development at USA Insulation, loves helping franchisees like Paxson achieve financial independence through franchising. “There are so many stories about franchisees making incredible money and how that changes their lives — but more importantly you see the pride in their company and teams, the feeling of worth, the control over their future, and the bounce in their step after escaping the corporate grind,” he says.

Sattler says that the ability to do what you want when you want was what attracted him to franchising more than 20 years ago. “It still holds true today,” Sattler says. “I love knowing every day we make a difference in someone’s life, that we provide them with a proven system to realize their dreams, and that we get to live vicariously through our franchise owners.”

Demand for Insulation Services

USA Insulation franchisees benefit from the demand of a billion-dollar industry. Research and Markets expects the insulation market to reach $15.22 billion in the next five years.

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The USA Insulation Edge

USA insulation franchise

After more than 35 years spent perfecting its business model, USA Insulation provides franchisees with serious advantages in the marketplace, including:

  • A low initial investment and quick start-up for an in-demand service (more than 70 million U.S. homes are estimated to be under-insulated).
  • An American-made proprietary product line.
  • Comprehensive initial training on sales, product knowledge, installation, proprietary technology and project management that is given both in USA Insulation’s franchise support center and in the franchisee’s local market with real customers.
  • Ongoing training and support to enhance the growth of every franchise in the USA Insulation system.
  • A professional approach to customer relationships that begins with a consultation and energy assessment.
  • Multimedia advertising (online, television, radio, print) and lead generation, with marketing tactics tailored to the franchisee’s location.
  • Time-saving technology that allows for on-site quotes.
  • Easy scaling to larger territories.
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