The UPS Store Opens New Locations on SDSU Campus

Two new The UPS Store locations are now open on the campus of San Diego State University (SDSU) for 2021-22 fall semester. In addition to supporting retail customers with a variety of

services including printing, faxing, scanning and notary, The UPS Store will serve as the central mail center for students living on campus, handling all incoming mail and packages for thousands of students. For the university, leveraging The UPS Store for campus mail management helps reduce costs while increasing the convenience and level of service to students, faculty, staff

and the surrounding community.

The UPS Store at San Diego State University will utilize state-of-the-art software for processing, tracking and retrieving packages and mail, significantly reducing the time and expense needed to receive, sort, store and retrieve student packages at each dorm. These stores will also be the first university locations nationwide to unveil the completely new and modern retail design for The UPS Store.

Consolidating mail and package fulfillment through The UPS Store also helps reduce the school’s carbon footprint and increases safety on campus by decreasing the number of trucks driving around campus every day delivering mail to more than 20 individual dorm mailrooms. When mail and packages arrive, regardless of the carrier, they will be electronically logged, sorted and safely stored. The UPS Store will notify students by email or text that their mail and/or package is ready for pick up. Students then simply walk into The UPS Store and type their unique notification code into a tablet, which sends a message to store associates who bring the item(s) to the student – with the entire process taking only 25 and 30 seconds. This should help reduce the number of trips that students have to take to retrieve their mail and packages.

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