This Couple Reinvented Themselves with a Mr. Duct Cleaner Franchise

The Road to Financial Independence was a Smooth Ride for This Husband-and-Wife Team

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Terry and Julie Preston say that nothing is better than working together in their own business. Prior to investing in Mr. Duct Cleaner of Fort Worth in 2021, Terry worked in retail management for a big-box company and Julie was a teacher.

Family time has always been a top priority for the couple. As business owners, they have fewer barriers preventing them from attending their kids’ activities so they are able to be more present for their two teenagers. Prior to owning Mr. Duct Cleaner, Julie had some flexibility in her schedule but Terry’s retail career often got in the way. “Up until he resigned, our kids had never spent a full Thanksgiving with him,” Julie says. “Terry had been in retail for 23 years. Retail is tough because it demands that you work holidays and weekends. We had always dreamed of doing something else for years,” she says.  

That “something else” turned out to be a business they never conceived of: professional air duct cleaning. Once they learned about its benefits, they saw the value right away. “After going through the pandemic, we have a greater appreciation for indoor air quality and professional air duct cleaning services,” Terry says. 

Financial Independence 

For Terry and Julie, financial independence means that they don’t have to rely on a company or someone else for their financial needs. But they admit that it was frightening going from employee to business owner. “It was a huge leap. We always had a set salary for our income. We knew every month what was going in and what was going out. By starting our own business, that changed,” Julie says. 

As Mr. Duct Cleaner franchise owners, Terry and Julie Preston have more time for family.

“There will never be the perfect time to do it, and it is super scary and exciting at the same time.”  

Terry and Julie are thankful that they can provide for their family and offer employment opportunities at the same time. But they are most excited for the flexibility. “I love that we have the freedom to take off on a Friday afternoon if we want,” Julie says. “We can work in the car, at an event, etc. Alternatively, there are times when we have had to do bids at midnight on a Saturday night. However, it is our choice and not someone else’s,” she says.

Franchising made the Prestons’ transition to business ownership easier. “There will never be the perfect time to do it, and it is super scary and exciting at the same time.”  

The Prestons enjoy serving their community and have a genuine feeling of pride that comes with business ownership. “It is so great to hear a customer say how happy they are with the service… a service that is ours!”

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