Swamp Dawg Restaurant Management Group LLC Names New Leader

HW - William DiPaola, SDRMG LLC.

DiPaola Brings 27 Years of Restaurant Experience to the Role

Swamp Dawg Restaurant Management Group (SDRMG) LLC, a multi-unit restaurant management company, announced William DiPaola as president, chief operating officer (COO) and co-owner. The restaurant industry veteran brings 27 years of experience to the role. SDRMG’s brands include Zaxby’s, Mooyah, Eggs Up Grill, Mellow Mushroom, Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar, and Locos Catering. 

He was attracted to SDRMG because he shares a similar vision with founders Brad and Jessica Harper. “Our growth strategy is to build us out all the way through Florida to Georgia and the entire Gulf-South. With my experience and background, we will be able to put these things into place for not just us but for individuals that may not have had opportunity before,” DiPaola said. He believes companies like SDRMG should stay current in their relationships and listen to staff members to stay ahead of the curve.

The Harpers are excited to have DiPaola on board. “We were introduced to Bill and saw the opportunity to work with someone that would fit the mold of our upcoming expansion. We are thrilled about the direction of the company with Bill as our president, COO, and co-owner.”

William DiPaola, SDRMG LLC.
William DiPaola is the new President/COO & co-owner for SDRMG LLC.

Building Generational Wealth 

As the son of Guatemalan and Sicilian immigrants, franchising exemplifies the American Dream in DiPaola’s view. His franchising journey began when he worked for a franchisee in the Dine Brands system; he immediately saw the possibilities in growing generational wealth.

Active in Franchising

DiPaola is active in franchising and the restaurant industry. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Restaurant Association as well as the Louisiana Restaurant Association/Educational Foundation and serves as a representative of the National Restaurant Association. 

The Certified Franchise Executive is also on the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) membership committee. “Working with the incredible organization that is the IFA, I am most looking forward to bringing ownership and opportunity to as many people as possible through the franchising model.”

DiPaola has represented the National Restaurant Association and IFA on behalf of the Save Small Business Coalition before the National Labor Relations Board on Capitol Hill. Additionally, ​​he’s met with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Congressional Black Caucus to put forth initiatives for minority business owners in franchising. 

Opportunities in Restaurant Franchising

DiPaola has been passionate about food and people from a young age, making him a natural fit for the restaurant industry. In his experience, the pathways that exist in the industry for personal and professional growth are great. “I went from being a dishwasher in a small family restaurant to the president and co-owner of my own business. Where else can you go from the dish room to the boardroom? It’s an amazing place for opportunity.” He urges entrepreneurs with franchising aspirations to learn from others who have been in this business because they are always willing to share best practices and ideas. By joining organizations like the IFA and building relationships, he has learned to create models that deliver results.

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