Success Meets Family Values at Ziggi’s Coffee Franchise

This Ziggi's Coffee Executive Puts People First

VP Justin Livingston on Building a Supportive Business Community

Justin Livingston believes that franchise families are the best kind of families in the business world. He is especially fond of his franchise family at Ziggi’s and has gone all-in on the brand — he not only serves on the corporate franchise team, but he is also a franchise owner.

As vice president of franchise development for Ziggi’s Coffee, he works closely with his extended family of franchise owners and colleagues on the corporate team. “Sometimes families push each other to be better, and most of the time families support and celebrate you for being awesome. Franchising offers all of that, and you get to achieve success at the same time. It is the best type of chosen family.”

Ziggy's coffee
Ziggi’s vice president of franchise development Justin Livingston is also a franchise owner. Top photo: He poses with his family in front of his Broomfield, Colo. location.

Colorado-based Ziggi’s Coffee has cultivated a family culture since it was founded by husband-and-wife team Brandon and Camrin Knudsen in 2004. Since the Knudsens launched the franchise opportunity in 2016, with Brandon serving as CEO, they have grown the brand to multiple drive-thru and coffeehouse locations across the U.S. Livingston believes that the Knudsens and all the people they have invited on their journey— including the corporate team and franchise owners — are the reason for Ziggi’s incredible success. “’Family first’ is a phrase you will often hear from leadership at Ziggi’s. The founders of the company support their team, no matter what,” he says.

Ziggi's Coffee franchise
Co-founder Brandon Knudsen (center) with franchisees Tracy Finley (left) and Kip Farnsworth

Livingston has seen Ziggi’s team members show incredible kindness to one another. “When someone has a hard time or is struggling with life or work, everyone else will rally. It can be as simple as offering to take a project off someone’s plate, to raising money to pay bills during a medical emergency or just offering a shoulder to cry on,” he says. He emphasizes that this spirit of mutual support is evident every day, creating a true sense of family within the team. “We give each other grace. We push each other to be better. We celebrate people for the amazing work they do and the amazing humans they are.”

Working in franchising means we get to help people achieve all that is possible.

Livingston is passionate about franchising with Ziggi’s and feels fulfilled by his work. In his view, franchising combines the best of both worlds, enabling people to achieve their goals and find success while supporting one another. “Working in franchising means we get to help people achieve all that is possible. It is so rewarding!”

Growing a Healthy Family

ziggi's coffee franchise
The Ziggi’s corporate team

Ziggi’s is very selective when it comes to inviting others into its franchise family. The corporate team looks for franchise partners and teammates who believe in the brand, want to be part of a community and are committed to success. “Ziggi’s supports each person on our team. From baristas to the CEO, we are all family.”

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The Thriving Coffee Market

In addition to benefiting from a family-friendly culture, Ziggi’s Coffee franchise owners benefit from the growing coffee industry. According to Statista, the U.S. coffee market is worth $11 billion and is expected to grow 3.21% annually through 2028.

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