Stellar Service Brands’ Name Says it All

Stellar Service Brands

The Home Services Franchise Umbrella is Positioned for Steady Growth

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The Stellar Service Brands franchise umbrella may have only come onto the scene in April 2021, but its brands and leadership team are well established in franchising. CEO Sherry Rose has more than 20 years’ experience in franchise leadership, including over 15 with ServiceMaster brands. COO/CFO Jessica Wescott has held leadership roles with major food franchises, including Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and MOOYAH Burgers, Fries and Shakes.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Stellar Service Brands is the parent company of Restoration 1, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, The Driveway Company and Softroc. Together, they include more than 465 franchise locations awarded across the U.S. Here, Stellar’s leadership team weighs in on the company’s vision and benefits.

Sherry Rose and Jessica Wescott

Sherry Rose, Stellar Service Brands
Sherry Rose
Jessica Wescott, Stellar Service Brands
Jessica Wescott

What is the vision for Stellar Service Brands’ growth?

Our goal is smart, intentional growth for our franchise partners, helping them realize their American Dream and furthering their families and communities. We do this by using data-driven insights to make decisions, drive growth and innovate as a brand.

What strategies will Stellar Service Brands use for franchisee success?

Understanding each brand’s unique purpose and positioning is key to shaping the right strategies through planning. Our goal is to attract and retain the best talent by bringing together a unique set of people, personalities and backgrounds to help drive growth for our partners. Key focuses include training, marketing, technology and overall operations.

What sets Stellar Service Brands apart?

Our people. We strive to serve our franchisees so they can appropriately serve their communities.

What are the key ingredients for a successful franchise?

Tenacity, passion for delivering a great experience and leadership skills. Franchisees have a unique opportunity to not only make a positive impact on their families and communities, but also the team they surround themselves with. Franchisees who possess the drive to be successful and serve those around them well are hard to stop!

What do you want people to know about Stellar Service Brands?

We appreciate your partnership and are grateful to be building relationships alongside you.

Michael Mushinski, bluefrog PLUMBING + DRAIN

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain started in 2014, but underwent a full overhaul in 2021 to position itself for sustained growth. The plumbing franchise aims to change the way consumers view the plumbing industry. “In doing that, we are opening up ownership opportunities to individuals who never dreamed they would consider a service business like plumbing,” says brand President Michael Mushinski. “This is not your stereotypical trade business. This is a professional organization that just so happens to be in the business of plumbing. Our average owner is generating over $1 million in top line revenue, and those numbers are only going to increase. We support our franchise owners with an unwavering focus on their bottom line.”

Michael Mushinski. bluefrog PLUMBING + DRAIN
Michael Mushinski

Mushinski says this essential business has limitless growth where every home and business in the country is a potential customer. “Our owners have the tools needed from marketing to technology, etc. to scale quickly and achieve success. Very few brands offer the ability to grow a large organization with such low overhead,” he says.

A technology-forward company, bluefrog offers an “Uber-type experience” for customers. “Working with bluefrog could not be easier. Customers can schedule their own appointments, follow vehicles as they drive to their homes, access photos and invoices online, etc.,” says Mushinski. For more information about the bluefrog Plumbing + Drain franchise, visit

Tom Gissler, Restoration 1

A focus on compassionate, people-centric service has set Restoration 1 apart, says the disaster recovery franchise’s president, Tom Gissler. “When disaster happens, we treat our customers like our neighbors. We lead with compassion and expertise to bring order in times of chaos,” he says. “We see the customer as the person standing right in front of us rather than a multi billion-dollar corporation in a far flung city.”

Tom Gissler, Restoration 1
Tom Gissler

The results of this philosophy have created the highest net promoter scores and Google reviews of any provider of restoration services, he says. The ideal candidate is profit-minded, community- and people-focused and values hustle.

Disasters can’t be scheduled, so the right owner needs to build a team ready to respond at any time.

Tom Gissler

“Disasters can’t be scheduled, so the right owner needs to invest the time and effort initially to build a team ready to respond at any time. The barriers to entry are relatively low, but the potential for revenue is enormous.” Support at Restoration 1 comes in a myriad of ways. Regional franchise consultants are a live voice to coach, motivate and instruct franchise owners at a moment’s notice. The company hosts regional and national training events, conferences and an annual convention offering the latest strategies and technology. Plus, the company’s intranet provides resources, training videos and discussion forums built to provide instant access to common questions and challenges.

“The numbers speak for themselves and our rate of churn or turnover at the franchisee level is remarkably low for an organization of our size. When people are making money, they stay.” For more information about the Restoration 1 franchise, visit

Courtney Harmon, The Driveway Company

The Driveway Company offers a one-stop concrete repair and maintenance service for both residential and commercial clients with specialties in concrete maintenance and repair, crack and joint filling, topcoat sealing and more. The company was founded over 30 years ago in Omaha, Neb., with a mission to preserve concrete surfaces in neighborhoods and community spaces.

Courtney Harmon, The Driveway Company
Courtney Harmon

“Most homeowners do not know that their concrete has the potential to be the longest lasting investment they make in their home, but it requires maintenance and care,” says The Driveway Company President Courtney Harmon. “Where most contractors will suggest full replacement of cracked or damaged concrete, we provide our customers an affordable solution and educate them on how to continue caring for their investment in the future.”

As a franchise opportunity, The Driveway Company offers a simple and scalable business model. The company is looking for franchise partners who value community and believe in traditional marketing efforts to establish a local footprint. “Potential TDC owners typically have a net worth starting at $150,000 and liquid capital of at least $50,000,” says Harmon. No training or specific prior work experience is required, and licensing requirements are minimal. “You don’t need a brick-and-mortar location or heavy equipment. TDC is unlike other service franchises. Our proprietary methods mean you don’t need prior service experience or need to hire service professionals.” For more information about The Driveway Company, visit


Softroc poured-in-place rubber surfaces are used in a wide variety of applications from swimming pools and decks to playgrounds, home gyms, boats, garages and more. The company promises to transform outside spaces into comfortable safe places with its custom, slip-resistant surfacing.

By creating comfortable spaces that look great and feel safe, we’re improving people’s lives one surface at a time.

Courtney Harmon

“By creating comfortable spaces that look great and feel safe, we’re improving people’s lives one surface at a time,” says Softroc President Courtney Harmon. A low initial investment, high-profit-margin service business, Softroc has no national competition in the residential market. It offers a great opportunity for existing business owners in landscaping, pool maintenance and construction or outdoor living looking to expand their portfolios.

Softroc franchise

The application process is simple, making it easy for anyone to install. Ideal franchisee candidates have a net worth starting at $150,000, and liquid capital of at least $50,000. Potential clients include homeowners, contractors and a number of businesses including gyms, marinas and schools. “Rubber surfacing has been in high demand for the commercial market since 1983, offering five- and six-figure ticket price potential for our franchisees. Our model offers the ability to scale and grow your business.” For more information about Softroc, visit

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