Signal 88 Security Revolutionizes Security Industry

Signal 88 Security Revolutionizes Security Industry

The Security Franchise Heightens Standard of Professionalism 

Signal 88 Security was founded to revolutionize and establish a higher standard of professionalism in the security industry. Signal 88 Security was founded in 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, by law enforcement professionals. In Nebraska police code, Signal 88 means “situation secure.” We offer law enforcement* and community-based security personnel, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to provide customized security services to the business community.

From its Omaha roots, Signal 88 Security has quickly grown to providing services in over 37 states with more than 160 Franchises serving nearly 300 territories across the country – with more offices opening every month.  We are equipped to handle any size property, event or business with a customized security solution.

About Signal 88 Security 

Our security programs are successful because we fully understand the nature of the businesses we secure, the properties and personnel we protect, and the deterrent effect we promote.

 We have developed a business model designed with our Franchise Partners’ success in mind. Our model tackles all phases of business from start-up to maturity, admin to operations, and marketing to sales to offer our Franchise Partners’ the best opportunity to successfully run a Signal 88 Security franchise, creating peace of mind to pursue passion in life.

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