Supporting the Troops: Signal 88

Jason Bourgeois applies his professional background in the military and successfully started a new franchise with Signal 88 Security. Many times in the workforce and business world Veterans have their skills and experiences overlooked because it was part of the military, and not typical corporate world experience. Not the case with Signal 88 Security, who looks for Veterans who they know have what it takes to get the job done and they provide discounts and incentives to help them make it happen.

Bourgeois is a U.S. Marine who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Military Policeman, and served in the U.S. Air Force as a Security Forces Craftsman, but still did not realize the value of his professional experiences until he was able to connect with Signal 88 Security. Visualizing how he would be a great asset to the organization, Bourgeois then did his due diligence and interviewed other franchisees from Signal 88 Security. Learning of multiple Veterans who had already found a great fit with the franchise, this greatly increased his confidence level. Bourgeois’ main objective was to be available to support his family, and owning a franchise gave him the independence to make his own schedule and build his business at a pace in which he could be there for his children while also meeting his professional goals.

Currently, Bourgeois’s Signal 88 Security franchise is located in Baton Rouge, LA, and he is already expanding to Houma and Thibodaux, LA. He has currently employed 13 people, all Veterans, and is in the process of adding four more in the coming weeks. He expects to surpass his earnings goals soon and is very optimistic about his new business. His success is credited to the structure, training and support that Signal 88 Security has provided. As Bourgeois continues to build his business development skills, he captures new contracts and can clearly see a path to business success.

Signal 88 Security has already made its mark on the security industry as one of the top contenders. It also boasts the most successful franchise model in the security industry. With over 100 franchises in 30 states, Signal 88 is growing each day and is always looking for potential new franchisees. Many Veterans and former police officers have found that Signal 88 has been the perfect business opportunity for them. Signal 88 Security also gives a discount to military Veterans who choose to open their own franchise. With an ever growing industry, a need for security, and the support of the franchise group, Signal 88 Security provides a great opportunity to own your own business.

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