Screenmobile Launches Consumer Confidence Video Highlighting Value Screens Bring to Homes, Families

Screenmobile, “America’s Neighborhood Screen Store” announced the launch of its consumer confidence video. With an overall theme of family time and how screens can create a space for families to create memories together, this video exemplifies the value screens can bring to homes and families. 

The new consumer confidence video demonstrates the world-class support Screenmobile provides to its franchisees. The video aims to increase brand awareness, and franchisees are encouraged to leverage the consumer confidence video in their markets to reach new customers. 

The video came about after the corporate team selected the production company, Corporate Filming, who have done similar feel-good projects, to handle the creation of the video to resonate with customers. The consumer confidence video used an actual franchisee’s (Evan Grissom’s) home and included a cameo from another franchisee, Jamie Mejia during the film. The video features a family gathering to celebrate grandma’s birthday, further establishing the importance of having proper screening to enjoy both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Overall, the video further establishes the home office’s dedication to creating strong marketing campaigns that will resonate with customers in each market. 

Founded in Glendora, California in 1980, Screenmobile has successfully become the nation’s leading mobile screen service franchise, with 120 licenses across more than 25 states. 

Screenmobile specializes in window, door and patio porch screens, as well as solar shading products. 

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