Redrhino: The Epoxy Flooring Company

What makes a successful franchisee?  What are you looking for in a franchisee?

REDRHINO has high expectations.  If you are not somebody who is used to high expectations, then you probably won’t be too comfortable. We ask a lot of our franchisees, and want someone who is fully committed to the model, as well as the brand.

The franchisee has to have the ability to consistently follow a program day in and day out. We have a very specific process for sales and national management, and need each partner to follow this process in order to be successful.

We are also looking for individuals who can be simultaneously both intensely competitive and intensely cooperative. The individual has the drive to build a booming business, but is a team-player at the same time by putting the brand first. They can see the big picture and recognize when something will help the brand, and seek opportunities to do so.

What is your biggest challenge in your role as president and CEO?

My biggest challenge, my most important challenge is recruiting, training, and retaining top talent, whether corporate associates or franchisees. We need the best of the best to reach our goals as an organization, and finding the right people is key.

Finally, and maybe I should have addressed this first, it is the ability to surround myself with a great team. In the Corporate office, I am constantly busy with a million tasks day in and day out. I need a team I can depend on to get everything done, but also look for ways to improve what is being done.

How are you able to do that?

Well, for franchisees, it’s relatively easy.  We have created a business model that provides for an incredible return on investment.  We work to partner with our franchisees and work to ensure their success. This partnership allows them to be successful and get the support they need, and also keeps the corporate office in touch with what is going on across the organization.

With corporate associates, it is a bit more difficult.  Careers should be “transformative” meaning the associate may start in one position, but sees other things that need to be done and is able to morph into another position. This gives the associate control over their career, and the ability to find their strength within the office. This also makes our corporate associates work well as a team. With no hard lines between positions, it allows everyone to cooperate and work together.

At the end of the day, each individual, whether franchisee or associate, are ultimately in control of their professional future.  The best that we can do is to create a tapestry that allows their success.  We work to improve this tapestry every day.

Why this industry?

I found myself stuck in the Corporate world (I was with Perot Systems), and was looking for something more in my career. As I am not a lawyer or accountant or a coder, I asked myself, “What do I do?” I found there was an immense amount of opportunity in this industry, and a low barrier to entry, so I decided to give it a shot. I found that the Return on Investment is extremely high, and began to build a business model that could be easily duplicated. Even though it is a multi-billion-dollar industry, I found that it is very fragmented. With only a few big nationwide players, I realized with organization and drive I could climb my way to the top. This became, and continues to be, my motivation.

Has your strategy evolved over time?

I have found the importance of consistent training both in the corporate office, as well as with the franchisees. Without training, the organization as a whole lacks direction and unified knowledge. Having everyone on the same page, and trained in the same way allows for unity and camaraderie between everyone involved. Training also keeps our knowledge up to date, and aware of the most current technological advances in our industry.

With the evolution of Social Media and websites like Yelp, we have found that Customer Service is extremely important. We are sure that each and every client walks away from REDRHINO satisfied. As the majority of our business is repeat and referral, having a reputation for putting the customer first helps us retain clients and gain new business.

Our first approach to a franchise model was to have multiple in each state. However, we have found a much higher rate of success by onboarding fewer franchisees with larger territories. This keeps our team closer, and shows the franchisees a higher rate of success. This also allows us to be specific in what we want in a franchisee. We are looking for the right people to build our business, and value quality over quantity.

Where do you see your future growth coming from?

We have recently moved into polished concrete.  With our industrial footprint, we are able to move into this area very aggressively.  We have partnered with a national provider of polishing equipment and accessories, and have received more training, stronger brand recognition and increased customer service with this partnership. As we grow, nationwide recognition will become very important and we see this as being a major catalyst for future opportunities.

What are some of REDRHINO’s strategic advantages?

We have built an incredible leadership team to guide the organization around the clock. We have found strong corporate associate and regional partners in our years of being in business, and it has been no accident. We are proud of the people we have with us today and see this as a huge advantage in the industry. REDRHINO believes in hiring character, and training skills. We always focus on the fit of the associate, knowing we can train them to get the job done. Our focus on a strong team has never wavered, and this is keeping us ahead.

Our ever-evolving focus on technology has pushed us ahead of our competition for a variety of reasons. By using programs and recognizing the positive effect of technology in the construction world, we are able to track our sales, keep in touch with our clients and create intensive data reports to see what is working. With this comprehensive reporting we have been able to constantly adjust our strategy in sales, marketing and management to streamline our process and be the best we can.



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