From Employee to Owner: Rising Through the Ranks of Millicare

Commercial carpet and textile cleaning franchise milliCare is known for fueling the entrepreneurial spirit.

Franchise owner Chad Stout is a phenomenal example of the kind of success a driven individual can achieve by investing in the milliCare franchise. Known for its superb support structure, milliCare consistently provides employees with the tools and opportunities needed to succeed.

Stout worked in various franchises throughout high school and college, thus he was familiar with the environment and had the ideal background to excel in a franchise development position. When Stout was presented with the opportunity to work on a franchise expansion team with an area developer for a food franchise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he jumped at the opportunity. Stout and his team would work to get new franchise locations up and running – a skill that would later prove very useful later on in his business ownership endeavors. Stout worked with franchise owners to ensure their location was properly staffed and could operate efficiently, before moving on to the next franchise location opening.

While working at this franchise, Stout met the man who would become his future business partner at milliCare. Upon learning about milliCare’s premium services and excellent customer care, Stout decided to join the milliCare by Facility Services Inc. (FSI) team, working part time as a technician. Once Stout had learned the ins and outs of commercial carpet and textile care, Stout decided to leave his position and pursue milliCare full time and assist in opening a new milliCare office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After taking some time to familiarize himself with the industry, Stout felt he was ready for more responsibility at milliCare by FSI; the opportunity soon came in the form of company expansion. Stout realized there was room for growth in a nearby market and formulated a business plan for another office to open in June 2001. Over the next 15 years, business partners came and went at milliCare by FSI, but Stout remained steadfast and hardworking.

In 2009, milliCare by FSI underwent a major re-structuring, and by 2011, Stout had made the momentous decision to buy ownership of the company.

The next major development in Stout’s story came about in October of 2015. He was approached by a milliCare franchise owner on the west coast of the United States with a buyout opportunity. After learning more about the potential growth in that market, Stout decided to expand his company to include the newly formed milliCare by Facility Services Nevada Inc., which has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Stout has faced a plethora of challenges on his road to franchise ownership, the biggest of which was staff selection. Stout has worked hard to put together the optimal team to keep his company running smoothly and efficiently. While he is now satisfied with the team he has assembled, getting to this point has been no easy task. Stout had to sift through numerous candidates to find the ones that best fit his specific organization. Stout emphatically says that his success today would not have been possible without his top-of-the-line team. They constantly work hard and have been a vital component in milliCare by FSI’s continued success.

In regards to his experience with milliCare, Stout could not be more satisfied. “I’m very impressed by the network milliCare has in place. From the West Coast to East Coast, it’s amazing how many business owners I’ve gotten to know,” says Stout. “If you’re trying to solve a problem, or even if you’re just looking for better ways to serve your clients, you can tap into that network. It’s by far my favorite part of working with milliCare.”

Today, milliCare by FSI is run by Chad Stout and his partner Melissa Turck, a minority, female owner. Stout has 17 employees on the West Coast and 30 employees in the Midwest. He continuously strives to ensure each location is performing at its peak. The Minneapolis location has won several milliCare awards over the years, such as the Birch Gazelle Award, which is presented in recognition of more than 20 percent company growth for four consecutive years.

Stout’s success comes from hard work and industry involvement. In conjunction with his work at milliCare, Stout is heavily involved in the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and has been on the Minneapolis St. Paul’s chapter board of directors for almost 15 years. He has also received their President’s Award, the highest available award, twice over the last fifteen years.

One of Stout’s most notable attributes is his ambition. He is not satisfied with merely being a tremendously successful business owner, he wants to be an active member of his community as well. Both the Milwaukee and the Minneapolis milliCare by FSI offices offer support for the local Ronald McDonald Houses. For the past five years, milliCare by FSI has aided children in need by cleaning the floors at the Ronald McDonald Houses at no cost.

Stout is an avid proponent of franchise ownership. Franchisees enjoy the independence of business ownership, while working in a turnkey environment. Owners are able to focus on company growth and client satisfaction, rather than getting tied up in the minutia of developing and maintaining a business structure. Investing in a milliCare franchise ownership, combined with hard work and determination, has led to Stout’s ultimate success.

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