Millicare Kicks off the New Year by Celebrating 20 Years of Success

The new year will bring with it more than just hope for new beginnings and resolutions.

For MilliCare, an international commercial carpet cleaning franchise, 2016 will be a year of celebration. This year will kick off a 20th anniversary celebration that will find MilliCare adding services to its repertoire and renewing its promise to serve its clients with the most advanced and environmentally-friendly cleaning services and products out there.

First, a little bit of history about MilliCare. Its parent company, Milliken & Company, opened in 1865, and it has become one of the largest privately held textile and chemical manufacturers in the world. Seth Milliken started out producing wool for clothing manufacturers, and the business grew from there. Milliken’s research has earned more than 5,000 patents worldwide and accolades from organizations such as the Carpet and Rug Institute and the U.S. Green Building Council. In 1984, Milliken created MilliCare, in response to customer concerns that other maintenance companies were wearing down their carpets and textiles well before it would have been time to replace them. MilliCare’s principle focus was on providing carpet maintenance as a way for businesses to save money and preserve the life of the carpet and environment.

In 1996, MilliCare began franchising their business model, and it has opened more than 80 locations worldwide. Every year, MilliCare franchises clean more than 400 million square feet of carpet using its patented cleaning system, leading to more than 19 million gallons of water saved and a reduction of more than 2 million kilowatt hours in energy use. The company has made award-winning service and giving back to the community part of the business plan, which goes a long way to explaining its huge list of satisfied, long-term customers.

To put the savings in perspective, MilliCare debuted the Environmental Impact Calculator, which compared the most commonly-used method of carpet cleaning — hot water extraction — with MilliCare’s method, which involves using their proprietary dry care polymer to adsorb dirt and ground-in stains and remove them with minimal water and energy usage. In comparing the two methods, researchers found that MilliCare’s Dry Care system used 99.5 percent less water and 85 percent less energy than hot water extraction. The difference in the quality and longevity of the cleaning is just as dramatic. MilliCare’s system has preserved the carpet of several dozen businesses since the day they their first day in business and it continues to look and perform as good as new more than a decade later.

MilliCare has also distinguished itself in the realm of customer service. Most commercial cleaning companies have their standby methods, and they either apply their standard to every business they serve or they give their clients a list of services and wait for direction on which ones are needed. With MilliCare, the approach is always consultative and solution-oriented. The field experts or the owners themselves use their extensive knowledge to evaluate the facility and determine which methods and cleaning services would be most helpful for the business, and then they deliver a comprehensive carpet and textile maintenance plan. This proactive approach puts clients at ease and takes the job of maintenance planning off their plates for good. And these solutions often involve innovative ways of cleaning to save time and energy.

MilliCare sees its role in the community as extending to more than just its clients. For Scott Hunter, the director of the company, giving back to the community was a key aspect of his growth strategy for the business. This past August, MilliCare franchisees took part in the annual MilliCare Month of Care initiative, donating a dollar for every chair cleaned to a chosen philanthropy. The CHAIRity campaign enabled MilliCare franchises to donate thousands of dollars for Together We Rise, a foundation that works to make a positive difference in the lives of foster children around the country. The money will go to purchasing suitcases, bicycles and school supplies for foster children. Some MilliCare locations in Texas and Colorado saw so much interest in their philanthropic efforts that they felt they needed to extend the campaign another month to raise even more money for the foundation.

To celebrate the successes that have taken place in the past 20 years, MilliCare is renewing its commitment to excellent service to its commercial clients by expanding its offerings once more. In 2016, MilliCare will begin offering new services. MilliCare is also offering a thank you to its executives and partners who have made the past two decades a reality, including Technical Director Stephen Lewis, who has been with the business since the beginning, and franchisees such as Mike Crippen, Chip Rankin, Tom Haslach, Chris Young and Michael Heffernan, Jr., and countless others. And to all of our clients: thank you for being a part of our mission to be the hero for your employees, your visitors and the planet.

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