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With an estimated 265 million vehicles on the roads across the United States, the demand to keep cars in top performance has become a booming business.

According to the Auto Care Association, the vehicle care business is one of the country’s most profitable industries, resulting in $328 billion annual sales volume. The auto care industry also provides stable and consistent jobs to 4.3 million people.

Moran Family of Brands is one of the nation’s leading franchises of transmission and general automotive repair, and professionally installed accessory products. It has four distinct brands that specialize in a variety of automotive aftermarket and consumer services, from maintenance and repair to car accessories and the window film product. Moran has become a growing and thriving franchise by capitalizing on the continued demand for automotive care.

“Moran Family of Brands had a very successful and profitable year across all of our franchise locations,” said Peter Baldine, President of Moran Family of Brands. “We are in a great position to build on this success in 2016 by aggressively expanding our franchise reach while continuing to give our customers outstanding satisfaction and some of the top services in the market.”

Baldine said Moran Family of Brands generated over $55 million in system wide revenues in 2015. The company has signed franchise agreements for 26 new stores in the coming years, with plans for international franchise development. Moran reached a master franchise agreement for the first Mr. Transmission store to open in Nigeria in 2016.

Here is a closer look at each of Moran’s brands:

Mr. Transmission

Mr. Transmission stores specialize in the repair and installation of transmission systems and drivetrain components of an automobile. Their services help increase vehicle longevity through custom transmission rebuilds and repairs that get customers back on the road quickly and efficiently. Mr. Transmission’s state-of-the-art computer diagnostics equipment can quickly provide an assessment of a car’s condition while a trained technician will offer a recommendation for service.

Milex Complete Auto Care

For more than 45 years, Milex Complete Auto Care has been providing the highest quality expertise and service to customers across the United States. It offers a comprehensive selection of automotive repair and maintenance services, including oil changes, brake repair, heating and cooling systems and suspension repairs. Milex partners with many local or national fleet operations to provide its vehicles with comprehensive maintenance and repair service at one convenient location.

Milex’s automotive experts give their customers a one-stop shop to meet all of their vehicle repair needs by offering reliable and affordable solutions including expert diagnostics and drivability repairs. Their franchisees continue to provide quality service to their customers during a time in which there is increased consumer demand and fewer dealerships available.  As such, they will continue to attract business and are put in a perfect position to succeed in the current climate of automotive services.

Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters

Alta Mere franchises offer a comprehensive selection of high-tech electronic accessories and installation options such as custom window tinting, remote starters and keyless entry systems, mobile video and audio components, GPS systems and paint protection services.

Alta Mere stores began a franchise-wide rebrand in 2014, starting with a streamlined appearance for their showrooms.  It features digital menu boards with video demonstrations and price guides for each of the products and services offered by the store.  Alta Mere also introduced two new categories – paint protection and car accessories – while continuing to highlight franchise’s most popular product, the window tinting services.

The Alta Mere rebrand has seen immediate success through increased sales and customer feedback.  The model store that began the showroom rebrand experienced a 15 percent increase in sales in the first year. New and existing Alta Mere franchises will incorporate the rebranding into their stores and will provide these additional services to their customers.

“We are extremely pleased with the results we have seen from our Alta Mere rebranding,” said Baldine. “Our first stores have experienced a dramatic increase in sales, and I think that will provide a proven blueprint for our other Alta Mere stores to follow in their success.”

SmartView Window Solutions

SmartView is the residential and commercial window film division of Alta Mere. SmartView offers several categories of high performance window film that range in varying levels of tint based on the customer’s needs. Window film installation is a growing industry, as more people are seeking eco-friendly and cost-saving options to reduce heat and UV exposure in buildings and homes. Reflective film can reduce as much as 83% of the sun’s heat, and dramatically lower air conditioning costs, while blocking up to 99% of UV rays.

Moran also has 35 co-branded stores that house 2-3 brands under one roof, creating great expansion capabilities for its franchisees. Moran is dedicated to creating customer experiences that result in satisfaction and loyalty. They are a successful and rapidly growing franchise that operates mainly within an industry that sees a 3% growth each year. Moran Family of Brands franchisees are ideally situated for a profitable business opportunity and long-term success.

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